New cover of “We Will Rock You” by rock band Tempt to benefit Brian May charity

The New York rock band Tempt recently released a cover of the Queen classic “We Will Rock You,” and now they are using it to raise money for one of Brian May’s favorite charities. 

May gave his blessing to the cover, saying in a press release, “I’m very honored that Tempt play ‘We Will Rock You,’ and with so much passion! -Tempt I’m all ears!” Now that it’s officially out, Tempt has announced they’re donating profits from the single to May’s Save Me Trust charity, which is dedicated to protecting the welfare and dignity of wild animals.

“Thanks TEMPT for rockin’ for wild animals,” May wrote on Instagram. “And for playing a damn good rendition of our ancient tune !!!” 

“Although I am an American, I spend a good deal of time with family in the UK countryside and honoring Sir Brian by supporting a UK initiative that he is involved with that also feels local and important to us gives the project extra meaning,” Tempt frontman Harrison Marcello shares in the release. “We hope that Queen fans everywhere will join us and donate and that fans in other countries will reach out to donate to causes that support wildlife in their part of the world.”

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