Nils Lofgren wishes he could plan Bruce Springsteen & Neil Young’s tour schedules

Nils Lofgren is having a hard time juggling his gigs. The guitarist is, of course, a member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, but he’s also part of Neil Young’s Crazy Horse, and that has left him with a scheduling problem.

Bruce has already announced a tour for 2023, and Neil just released the new Crazy Horse album World Record, but despite how hard he tried, Nils won’t be able to support both, should Neil decide to tour on his record.

“Every time I call Neil’s manager and Bruce’s manager, I say, ‘Guys, I’m a half a century in. I paid some dues,’” Lofgren tells Rolling Stone. “‘Can you just let me create the schedules for Bruce and Neil for the next couple years, please?’ And they always tell me to get lost.”

He adds that since Bruce started planning his tour before the Neil album happened, he had to commit to The Boss. “I can’t get them to let me make the schedule. And so, sadly, I’m doing that tour,” he says. “I talked to Neil about it. It bums me out, but I can’t be in two places at once.”

Neil has talked about Promise of the Real’s Micah Nelson as a fill in for Lofgren, and while he says that band is “fabulous,” Lofgren admits, “It bums me out talking about being replaced for a tour.”

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