‘Queen The Greatest Live’ – Episode 34: “Freddie Mercury”

Queen frontman Freddie Mercury has often been hailed as one of the greatest frontmen in rock ‘n’ roll, and that was certainly apparent to anyone who ever got to see him perform live with the band. Well, now Queen is giving fans insight into the man for the latest edition of their weekly YouTube series, Queen the Greatest Live.

This week’s episode features archival interviews with the late Mercury, in which he shares why it was so important for Queen to put on a spectacle at each live show.

“People want to be entertained. How boring if we reproduce note-for-note what was on the album,” Freddie says in one clip. “People might as well just sit at home and listen to the album. It’s a show, it’s entertainment, and our songs take on a different meaning when we do a stage show.” 

He notes that for years, artists like The Rolling Stones and others have used visual theatrics in shows, noting “It’s a form of entertainment. It’s like you do your music and then entertainment plus.” 

“And I, sort of personally, you know, I just like doing that anyway,” he adds. “I’d hate to go onstage and just sit and sing my songs. I have to move.”

Next week on Queen The Greatest Live: “Freddie Mercury – Part 2.”

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