The Black Crowes fight back against stage crasher at Aussie show

When you buy a ticket to a concert, you are expected to stay in the audience. A Black Crowes fan found that out the hard way. The band was playing a gig in Melbourne, Australia, when someone in the audience decided to crash the stage and wound up getting a guitar in the face. 

In fan-shot video posted to YouTube by Greg Valentine, the band’s about to play their Shake Your Money Maker track “Stare It Cold” when the crasher jumped onstage and ran toward bassist Sven Pipien. Security quickly jumped in, and Chris Robinson tried to push the crasher off stage with his mic stand, but the man somehow got around them. That’s when Rich Robinson stepped in, took his guitar and slammed it into the guy near his face and neck. Chris then started swinging his mic stand toward the man, who was quickly pushed off stage.

It doesn’t end there though. The video shows Chris and Rich screaming at the fellow before the band launched back into the song and continued on with the show.

The concert was the final night of the band’s Shake Your Money Maker tour of Japan and Australia. “We came, we saw, we rocked!” they shared on Instagram. “Thanks to all of our friends and fans in Japan and Australia. We had a blast. See ya soon ;)”

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