Why Warren Zevon should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The late Warren Zevon is one of the 14 artists in the running for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction this year. It’s his first nomination, and for many fans and folks in the industry, the wait has been way too long.

“Warren Zevon is an artist we have heard about a lot,” the Rock Hall’s Jason Hanley tells ABC Audio. “Many bands have come out and asked us why isn’t he in.” 

Zevon, who passed away in 2003, may not be as well known as some of this year’s other nominees, but he’s certainly made a big impact on his fellow artists. “Warren was not one of those guys the critics didn’t like. I mean, people loved his music at the time,” Hanley shares. He “influenced so many other artists and songwriters over the years.”

“I think it’s great, this is the first time he’s been nominated on the ballot, and I think a lot of fans have been asking for that,” Hanley offers. “I think you might see a lot of people, particularly voters … who are music historians, scholars and other inductees, are really gonna respect the work Warren Zevon has done over the years. So I think, he’s got a real chance to see a lot of votes.”

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