Bees, trucks + a costume Cody Johnson’s family “hates”: Country stars preview their Halloween looks

Halloween is here, and for lots of country stars, that means one thing: elaborately-designed family costumes.

Russell Dickerson admits that his costume choice is a little obscure. In fact, only the under-five group — including his son Remington — are likely to recognize what he and his wife, Kailey, are dressing up as for the holiday.

“One of his favorite shows is called Trash Truck, on Netflix. It’s this little blond kid, looks exactly like Remington. Like, he’s got the gap between his front teeth,” Russell details. “And his best friend is at trash truck.”

In the show, the little boy and the trash truck go on adventures along with a variety of animals who eat trash — and that’s where the costumes come in. “[Kailey] is going to be the raccoon, and I’m going to be the big black bear. Nobody’s gonna get it…but it’s too perfect not to do it,” Russell adds.

Cody Johnson’s dressing up, too, but his family is likely to be a lot less thrilled about his costume choice. “My wife and daughters dress up and everything goes crazy. I always dress up every year as a cowboy. My family hates it,” the singer admits.

Runaway June’s Jennifer Wayne is likely to get some pushback on her costume choices, too — but not from the human members of her family.

“[My daughter] Lily and myself and my dog, we’re all gonna be bumblebees, and my husband is going to be the beekeeper. It’s hilarious. Her little bee costume is the cutest thing,” Jennifer says. “My dog hates his costume, but he’s just gonna have to suck it up for the pictures.”

Runaway June has another reason to celebrate the spooky holiday: They just released their newest single, “Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things).”

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