‘Bluebird Days’: Jordan Davis pulls back the curtain on his next album

Hot on the heels of his CMA Awards Song of the Year victory for “Buy Dirt,” Jordan Davis is ready to announce his second full-length album.

The project is called Bluebird Days, a nod to his passion for duck hunting, according to American Songwriter, who had a first look at the album and cover art on Thursday morning. In hunting terms, a “bluebird day” is a warm, sunny day.

“It’s been an evolution, and not just from a songwriting standpoint,” Jordan says, describing the album-making process for his latest musical chapter.

“I feel like it’s allowed me to have some more fun in the studio, to be able to bring in some instruments that you never would have heard on my records three years ago,” he continues. “Everything matches the song. It’s not just putting instruments on songs because you think they need to be there…nothing feels forced. To me, it’s an album expressing exactly where I’m at right now.”

The track list of Bluebird Days features several recently-released songs, including “Buy Dirt,” “Next Thing You Know” and his current single “What My World Spins Around.”

The album will arrive on February 17, 2023.

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