Carly Pearce recalls her most embarrassing onstage moment: “I just laid there”

Even the brightest stars have their embarrassments, and Carly Pearce is no exception. 

Long before she was lighting up theater and arena stages with her vulnerable songs, Carly got her start as a teenager performing at Dollywood. While it was mostly fun and games, there was one embarrassing incident the singer won’t soon forget. 

Carly performed in a show called “Country Crossroads” when she was 16 and was still getting accustomed to her tall frame when she suffered a stage fall. 

“I was dancing and it was a front porch and I was supposed to sit in the rocking chair when I was done. The rocking chair was up on a platform, and I went to sit in the rocking chair and the rocking chair flipped off of the platform. I was wearing this old timey skirt and it went completely over my face,” she recalls of the moment, which she refers to as “one of the funniest things that’s ever happened to me.” “I just laid there. I didn’t even move. I was like, ‘Everybody sees my underwear, this is fine.’ I laid there for half of Sara Evans‘ ‘Born to Fly."”

After cutting her teeth at Dollywood, Carly moved to Nashville, where she’s now one of country music’s biggest stars, and the reigning CMA Female Vocalist of the Year and ACM Female Artist of the Year. 

She is currently on tour as an opening act on Kenny Chesney‘s Here and Now Tour. 

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