‘Carolyn’s Boy’: Darius Rucker announces a new album, with a title that honors his mom

Darius Rucker has announced plans for a new studio album and elaborated a little bit on the special meaning behind the music.

Called Carolyn’s Boy, the project puts a spotlight on the singer’s late mother, Carolyn. “At the end of the day, I’m really still just Carolyn’s boy,” Darius explains, debuting the cover art for his project — a black-and-white portrait of his mom.

Darius shared the news in an interview on TODAY and also explained why planning a tribute to his mother was so important to him.

“I wanted to name the record Carolyn’s Boy because Mom never got to see any of my success,” he says. “She died before any of this happened, so it’s just another homage to the greatest woman I’ve ever known.”

The singer has been a part of country music for a while — his 10-year anniversary as an Opry member is coming up — and a musical figure for even longer, as the frontman of rock outfit Hootie & the Blowfish. But Darius says that now is the right time to release this poignant tribute.

“Years ago, I wasn’t really sure what my place in country music was, and I was trying to find it. Now I have found it — I know — and I think it’s time to give that record.”

Carolyn’s Boy will be out in 2023.

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