Carrie Underwood copes with a breakup in “Hate My Heart” music video

Carrie Underwood’s latest music video is here and it’s a master class in all the different ways to get over heartbreak.

The video for “Hate My Heart” starts with five women — Carrie and four of her pals — simultaneously slamming the door on a relationship, both literally and metaphorically. In the group chat, all of them swear they’re done and they all start heading down different paths toward healing with their different coping mechanisms.

Carrie immediately heads to the gym, sprinting on a treadmill and taking all her frustration out on a punching bag. Meanwhile, one of her friends is eating ice cream and watching sad movies, another is checking out dating apps and a third is enjoying a little online retail therapy.

In a fun Easter egg for Carrie’s longtime fans, the final friend in the group is sitting in her recent ex’s car, carving her name into his leather seats — a nod to a lyric in Carrie’s 2005 megahit “Before He Cheats.”

Another scene shows Carrie onstage, singing to a packed house, as the other version of herself — the recently single version who’s been hitting the gym to ease her heartbreak — makes her way toward the front of the crowd. Finally, she jumps up and the two Carries sing face to face in the final chorus of the song.

Carrie debuted the music video for “Hate My Heart” on Facebook, and it’ll be available on YouTube on Friday. The song is the latest single off her Denim & Rhinestones album.

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