Carrie Underwood once crowd-surfed at a Green Day concert

Carrie Underwood might not crowd-surf much these days, but if she looks like a natural during the crowd-surfing scene of her “Hate My Heart” music video, there’s good reason for that: She’s done it in real life.

“When I was 16, maybe 17, at a Green Day concert,” Carrie reveals to ET Online. “This isn’t my first rodeo. It is fun to get to do ‘cause it is out of character, ‘cause I don’t go around doing these things on a regular basis.”

Another scene in the music video revisits another wild memory from the singer’s real life: riding a mechanical bull.

“I have [ridden] a mechanical bull before. It was [at] a CMA after-party,” Carrie shares. “It was just silly. It was one of those things where everybody was getting on the bull [and] I did as well.”

Carrie’s “Hate My Heart” music video is a fun foray into all the classic ways to get over a breakup — from sad movies to dating apps to working out — and it even ends with Carrie singing the final chorus to her double onstage.

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