Cody Johnson’s a “very Christmas guy” and made the record to prove it

Cody Johnson‘s already a bit of a man of all seasons, having been both a prison guard and a rodeo cowboy in his native Texas, in addition to being a country star.

And just in case last year’s A Cody Johnson Christmas didn’t tip you off, he’s specifically a man for the yuletide season.

“I’m [a] very Christmas guy,” he tells ABC Audio. “Like, my Christmas starts before Thanksgiving. And we start getting ready, because I just love the joy … I think it changed when I had kids. It’s all about my kids.”

In fact, Cody’s daughters, Clara Mae and Cori, along with wife Brandi, are all featured on his holiday album’s “Silent Night.”

“It’s something about the spirit of Christmas,” he continues, “where everybody puts aside their B.S. and everybody loves each other and we’re all there behind a fireplace, just chilling out. Christmas is probably one of my favorite parts of the year.”  

A Cody Johnson Christmas features new tunes like “Christmas All Year Long” and “Hat Made of Mistletoe,” alongside favorites like Willie Nelson‘s “Pretty Paper” and “Feliz Navidad.” 

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