Darius Rucker loved doing ‘Rucker’s Reno,’ but he’s pretty sure the show’s house is haunted

Darius Rucker had a lot of fun doing the Design Network show Rucker’s Reno, which chronicles his experience of buying and renovating a historic house in his home city of Charleston, South Carolina. But he won’t be spending the night at his newly renovated home anytime soon, he says.

“I can’t sleep in the house now because it’s haunted,” he reveals.

The house in question is about 220 years old and has a “complicated history,” as Darius explained when the show launched. With the house’s history of being built entirely by enslaved people, it’s no wonder that some spirits are still hanging around, the country star points out.

“You could feel it, you know? But of course it is [haunted],” he continues. “It was built in the 1700s.”

So, how did he discover that the house was haunted? “Noises!” Darius says, claiming it became very clear that he wasn’t alone in the house, starting from the first night he tried to sleep there.

“The first night I was laying there and I turn the TV off — and the TV goes into the ceiling, you know — so I turn the TV off, and I was there for three minutes and I could feel it,” he recounts. “It’s an old house. And it starts creaking and everything.”

Those noises were so convincing that he decided he had to sleep somewhere else. “I got up, put my shoes on and ran back outside to my other house,” he concludes with a laugh.

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