Ingrid Andress isn’t sure kickball’s a sport, but she knows it leads to “Wishful Drinking”

Kickball can lead to a little “Wishful Drinking” — just ask Ingrid Andress and Sam Hunt

You see, the pair’s recent number one can be credited to the fact that Ingrid’s boyfriend and Sam both love to play some ball. 

“I met Ingrid three or four years ago,” Sam explains. “I played basketball with a group of guys out at a songwriter-buddy’s house and Ingrid dates one of the guys that played ball with us, and he put together this little kickball league.”

“So I joined them a couple of nights playing kickball at one of the Nashville leagues — one of the rec fields in town,” Sam continues, “and met Ingrid and just hit it off with her. She’s great. We had a couple of nights where we were like the substitutes. So we were on the sidelines, just kind of cutting up and hanging out.”

Fast-forward several months to Ingrid sending Sam a song she thought he’d be perfect on: “Wishful Drinking.”

The singer/songwriter confirms Sam’s version of events, even though her opinion of kickball may put her at odds with her significant other.

“Shout out to kickball,” she laughs, adding, “even though to me, it’s not really a real sport.” 

“Wishful Drinking” is Ingrid’s second number one, following her breakthrough from a couple years ago, “More Hearts Than Mine.” Meanwhile, Sam’s latest in a string of successful singles, “Water Under the Bridge,” is currently nearing country’s top 25. 

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