Jason Aldean’s “soaking in the memories” this season since his kids are “the perfect age”

It’s that time of year when Jason Aldean‘s officially slipping into full-time dad mode.

For him, the holiday season’s extra special because of his two youngest kids.

“Oh, it’s fun, you know?” he tells ABC Audio. “Memphis will be 5 and Navy‘s 3. She’s almost 4. So it’s like the perfect age for them, you know? And it’s really fun.”

“As a parent, you get excited about waking up, and watching them be excited and do all those things.”

When the Georgia native finally comes off the road for the year, he’s focused on making up for lost time.

“For us, it’s about just spending some family time,” Jason says. “We’re gone, I’m traveling a lot throughout the year. So holidays are a time where I try to be home and spend as much time with them as possible, and kind of soak in all those memories and things like that.”  

Jason doesn’t hit the road again until he heads to Scottsdale, Arizona, on February 9, but he is set to play New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash on CBS on December 31.

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