Keith Urban sells his master recordings catalog to Litmus Music

Keith Urban has announced that he’s selling his master recordings catalog to recording and publishing music rights company Litmus, which was founded by music business VIPs Hank Forsyth and Dan McCarroll back in August.

The news comes via Billboard, which also reports that the sale took place for an “undisclosed sum.” An avid collaborator, Keith sees the partnership as just another way to foster creativity and collaboration, he explains.

“What makes this such a great fit for me is the genuine passion and respect Dan, Hank and the team at Litmus Music have for this music,” the singer says. “In working with them, I feel that same collaborative spirit that’s always inspired me as an artist.”

The sale includes 10 studio albums, as well as a greatest hits album, and it looks like it’ll be an ongoing partnership: Keith has signed an agreement to collaborate with the company on future releases.

Speaking of future releases, Keith is hoping to have a new album out in 2023. He’s released a couple new songs in recent months, including his single “Brown Eyes Baby” and the nostalgic “Street Called Main.”

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