Lainey Wilson enjoys co-writing: “Three brains are better than one”

As Lainey Wilson celebrates earning her fifth #1 with “Watermelon Moonshine,” she’s giving fans a glimpse of her songwriting process — which typically involves a constantly updated “hook book.” 

“I keep what I call a hook book in my phone, and it’s just little sayings, things that I remember my parents saying growing up, or things that I hear from other people’s conversations,” Lainey tells ABC Audio.

Being a songwriter herself, Lainey’s a big fan of collaborating with others and pulling from a myriad of ideas, as opposed to flying solo.

“When I go sit down in a room with songwriters, we all kind of just throw a bunch of ideas at the wall. But at the end of the day, the best idea wins,” she says. “It’s just so cool getting to collaborate together like that and hearing a lot of different sides of the story.” 

“I think that’s what is so special about co-writing,” Lainey notes. “I feel like three brains are better than one.” 

Lainey’s currently on the road with HARDY on his the mockingbird & THE CROW Fall Tour. For a full list of dates and tickets, visit Lainey’s website. 

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