Luke Bryan shouts out his best A&R team — his kids — as he celebrates his 30th chart-topping hit

Luke Bryan earned the 30th number-one country hit of his career this week, thanks to “Country On,” a patriotic, unifying song of gratitude for the hard-working people who keep America going.

The singer says he’s got a lot of people to thank for his radio success, including a team of music industry experts. But there’s nobody better at picking singles than his kids, he tells Music Row Magazine.

“My children are at the top of the list,” says Luke, who is dad to 14-year-old Bo and 12-year-old Tate, and who is also an adoptive parent to his three nieces and nephews.

“They’re not jaded. They’re just listening,” he continues, explaining why the kids have such a knack for knowing a hit song when they hear one. “I play demos whenever we get in my pickup truck, and whatever demos the boys keep wanting to hear, there’s something special about those.”

Luke also attributes his success to picking great outside cuts, as well as continuing to hone his own songwriting skills with the help of Nashville’s younger generation.

“When I write with younger people and step outside my comfort zone, there’s always something cool that comes up,” he adds. “The main thing is staying who you are, but also trying to grow as a writer, as a singer and as a musician.”

“Country On” is the first look into a new musical chapter. Luke’s planning to release it in 2023.

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