Runaway June’s made their list, and they want a “Cowboy for Christmas”

The latest incarnation of Runaway June is back, featuring longtime member Jennifer Wayne, along with Natalie Stovall, and new lead singer Stevie Woodward.

Not only does the threesome have a new single, “Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things),” they’re also ready with an original Christmas tune. And it’s an idea Jennifer’s been hanging onto for some time.

“I’ve had that idea for a couple years, and I’ve just never done it, and it’s never felt right to do it until this new version,” she explains. “And I told the girls my idea and they were like, ‘Oh my gosh, we love it!’ And so we got in and wrote it.”

“And it’s basically like, you know, I don’t want anything else. I want a cowboy for Christmas. And it is so cute and so fun,” she smiles. 

Of course, Jennifer does know a thing or two about a “Cowboy for Christmas,” since her grandfather was legendary actor John Wayne.

“It really like sets the scene of like a country Christmas,” the third generation cowgirl says of the song. “Like this girl has all the stuff. She’s on a ranch and western and beautiful, but all she’s missing is her cowboy. It’s really cool.”

If you want even more yuletide tunes from Runaway June, you can check out the trio’s 2020 EP, When I Think About Christmas.

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