Scotty McCreery almost missed his son’s birth: “Luckily got back just in time”

Scotty McCreery has had plenty of career highs in 2022, but nothing tops the birth of his first child. Scotty and his wife, Gabi, welcomed baby boy Avery in October. Contrary to what the couple was expecting, he made his big debut two weeks ahead of schedule.

Gabi was confident she wasn’t going to go into labor before her due date — so confident, in fact, that they made plans for Scotty to spend a night “a few hours” away from home.

“We were still two weeks early at the time, and she just knew she was going to be late,” Scotty recounts to People. “We’re building a place in the mountains and I had to go bring some stuff up there to get ready for the house. We both agreed — drop everything off and come right back.”

But little Avery had other plans.

“She called me and said, ‘Hey, I think it’s happening,’” the singer goes on to say, adding that he pulled out all the stops to get home in time to take Gabi to the hospital.

“I put the flashers on and drove about as fast as my truck could go, and luckily I got back just in time and we went to the hospital,” he relates. “It was pretty wild!”

In the weeks since Avery’s arrival, Scotty has embraced his new dad status: a 1-month celebration post on Gabi’s social media shows the three of them soaking up family time, including plenty of shots of Scotty enjoying life with his young son.

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