Shania Twain explains why her ‘Queen of Me’ album is extra “precious” after voice-saving throat surgery

Shania Twain’s new Queen of Me album is the first full-length project she has recorded since her open-throat surgery in 2018, which was one of several procedures intended to help her recover from her lengthy battle with Lyme disease.

“Every day that I was recording I was testing the new voice,” she explained during a TalkShopLive appearance celebrating her new album, which comes out early next year.

While Shania found triumph in her experience of re-learning to sing, she knows that at some point in the future, her voice might give out again.

“What’s even more precious to me is that I don’t know if the procedure I had will last forever,” the singer explained. “With age, it could just not hold up, and that could be it.”

If that happens, she’ll be faced with some tough choices.

“Will I do the operation again or not? Do I just now write music for other people’s albums at that point?” Shania continued. “I will gladly do that, and again, it will be another decision that I will have to make as the queen of me. Some decisions are tougher than others.”

Those uncertainties only make Shania’s upcoming album cycle that much more special. Queen of Me arrives on February 3, and in April, she’ll take her new batch of songs out on the road for her The Queen of Me Tour.

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