The great cranberry sauce debate: Thomas Rhett + more weigh in on this controversial Thanksgiving dish

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means that lots of country stars are headed home for the holidays and, of course, a big family meal.

But if you’re planning to bring cranberry sauce to your Thanksgiving party, be warned — it’s a pretty polarizing dish. Dinner guests tend to either love or hate it, and country stars are no different.

If you’re headed to Conner Smith or Gary LeVox’s house for Thanksgiving, you better come prepared with a green bean casserole or a pumpkin pie instead, because neither of them are fans of cranberry.

“Cranberry sauce doesn’t do anything for me. I’ve never looked at that and wanted to eat it,” Conner says in an interview with his record label.

“I could just care less about the cranberry sauce, I really could,” Gary agrees in a separate interview.

Brett Young’s not a fan either — though it’s a “tradition” for his family, he tells CMT, so it’s usually on the table. 

Thomas Rhett admits he’s just confused about why the dish is part of Thanksgiving dinner at all. “I need to probably go back into the history books to understand why, but that is one item that I skip over every time,” he says.

But don’t throw out that can of cranberry sauce, especially if Carly Pearce is your Thanksgiving dinner guest. She says it’s always on her “perfect Thanksgiving plate” along with turkey, dressing, gravy, sweet potato and pie.

And if you’re anything like Trisha Yearwood, maybe you’ll just update your cranberry sauce into something a little more refined. Check out her cranberry relish recipe for a fresh twist on a holiday staple.

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