Thomas Rhett celebrates 10th anniversary with wife Lauren Akins: “10 years with my best friend”

Thomas Rhett has a big anniversary to celebrate: He and his wife, Lauren Akins, got married 10 years ago on Wednesday. 

TR celebrated the big day on social media with a video and photo montage of their years together, including favorite family snaps, throwback shots from their wedding day and clips of their four daughters.

“10 years with my best friend,” he wrote in the caption of his post. “I legit don’t know sometimes if you are a real person or an Angel. I could not have dreamed up a better life if I tried. 10 years and four kids later, I love you more every single day.”

Thomas was just 22, and still in the early stages of forming his country music career, when he married Lauren in 2012. “Everybody was telling us not to … but we just fell in love at such a young age,” TR told People in 2016 about their decision to tie the knot.

Since then, the singer’s marriage and family life have been major components of his career. He’s put out several songs about Lauren, the first and perhaps most famous of which is “Die a Happy Man.”

Lauren’s become a star in her own right, too: In 2020, she put out a memoir called Live in Love: Growing Together Through Life’s Changes, which details their relationship from her perspective.

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