Tim McGraw was Brett Young’s gateway artist into country music

Brett Young may have covered Tim McGraw‘s “Don’t Take the Girl,” but singing with Tim in the studio is still on his bucket list.

“In country music, I still haven’t gotten to do anything with Tim yet,” says Brett. “‘Don’t Take the Girl’ is literally what caused a Southern California kid to find country music when nobody was listening to it there yet.”

While the two have yet to collaborate, they have met in person, on international soil — and it’s a moment that’s etched in Brett’s memory.

“I’ve gotten to meet him. He’s a sweetheart,” shares Brett. “He actually didn’t even make me reach out. We played a show with him and Faith [Hill] in Dublin and he reached out saying, ‘I know Brett’s a fan. Does he want to come say hello?’ I mean, he did it, which was very sweet of him. He didn’t have to do that. The collab would be cool.”

Brett’s currently in the top 40 of the country charts with his new single, “Dance With You.” You can find it on his latest album, Across The Sheets. 

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