Tyler Hubbard says his hit “5 Foot 9” reminds him to “appreciate the little things in life”

Tyler Hubbard says his hit single “5 Foot 9” keeps him grounded and inspires him to appreciate what he has in life. 

While writing the track with The Cadillac Three‘s Jaren Johnston and Chase McGill, Tyler says the song felt familiar and nostalgic, yet simple, in that it inspires him to be grateful. 

“It reminds me to appreciate the little things in life and things that we, myself especially, maybe take for granted at times,” he explains. 

The verses touch on those “little things,” ranging from red dirt roads in the countryside to his wife, Hayley, and the way she “dances with the raindrops” and “that sweet little kiss she lays on me,” he sings.

The lyrics come from a true place, with Tyler noting he’s in a “sweet spot” in life and hopes that fans connect that to their own story. “5 Foot 9,” which is currently at #2 on the country chart, is likely to become his first solo #1. 

“Getting to sing about the good stuff in life and where I’m at right now, and looking around and seeing my wife, but also my kids and my family. The life that we’re living right now, we’re really in a sweet spot and I’m reminded where that comes from,” he says. “I’m hoping this song will do that for the fans.” 

“5 Foot 9” is the lead single off Tyler’s Dancin’ In the Country EP and marks his solo debut following Florida Georgia Line announcing their hiatus in February.  

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