Anne Heche’s estate sued by woman whose house was destroyed by fiery, fatal crash

The woman whose Mar Vista, California home was set ablaze when Anne Heche‘s car crashed into it last August is now suing the estate of the actress, who perished after the fiery wreck.

Page Six reports Lynne Mishele is seeking $2 million in damages, claiming she and her two dogs were nearly killed when Heche’s blue Mini Cooper “barreled through the front of her house and deep into its interior,” stopping “just feet away” from her, her two dogs, and a turtle.

What’s more, the resulting blaze, which led to the 53-year-old actress’ death, destroyed “an entire life’s worth of her personal possessions” in the home, according to the suit.

The legal filing claims that the “sudden and terrifying blast shook [Mishele] to her core,” and left the woman “traumatized…terrified of walking outside, and, atop that, without a place to live.”

Donny Brasco star Heche was trapped inside the car for 45 minutes as the fire consumed the home, causing the actress smoke inhalation and thermal injuries. She became comatose after being extricated from the wreck and never regained consciousness.

Results from a blood draw completed after the crash showed Heche had narcotics in her system, which was referenced in the suit, according to the publication. The actress had been public during her life about her struggles with sobriety.

Heche was declared brain dead on August 11 and subsequently taken off life support on Sunday, August 14, after some of her organs were harvested for donation.

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