At media event, Wendy Williams looks well, says she’s looking for love

How is Wendy Williams doin’? Apparently well.

The former talk show host, who completed another stint in rehab last month, appeared Monday night at a Q&A held at the annual “Circle of Sisters” event staged by her former radio station in New York City.

In a video posted by the station, Williams admits she’s very much on the market. “I’m looking for love,” she revealed. “It’s not enough that I’m sitting by myself at home at 58 years old.”

She added, to laughs from the crowd, “I love men. I never deny it, and the first thing I think when I see men is, ‘Are they wearing the finger?"” — meaning, not wearing a wedding ring — “’cause if they’re wearing the finger, then that’s an immediate ‘hello."”

“But I can’t wait to fall in love,” she added. However, she noted, “I don’t want to get married.”

Williams said she hopes her special someone already has kids, and is either 10 years younger or 15 years older than she is, so they’d be free to do whatever they want to do on a whim.

“[T]hen we’ll be able to do things together,” she explained. “Like, if we want to all of a sudden want to fly from New York City, if we want to fly to France to be there for two days to have food or whatever, I want to be able, you know, I could be qualified with a man that [says], ‘Come on, baby. Let’s do it. Do we fly private or do we fly public?"”

Williams also recently appeared on Instagram, seated once again on her former show’s purple throne, promoting her forthcoming podcast, The Wendy Experience.

The TV personality has battled substance abuse and other health issues in the past, including the thyroid condition Graves Disease.

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