‘Bachelorette’ star Rachel Lindsay says self-care is “a survival tactic”

Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay says self-care is a critical “survival tactic” that needs to be normalized.

Lindsay spoke to ABC Audio ahead of World Mental Health Day and explained why the mentality of “stop feeling sorry for yourself” and “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” is harmful. “That is how I grew up, no fault to my parents… I love that I have those tools and it’s taken me so far,” she began, “But, there’s another side of it.”

Lindsay continued, “It’s the same way that you have to be tough to survive in this world. You have to have self-care, as well, to survive. Otherwise you’re going to crash. You’re not going to be your best self. You’re going to unleash a beast because you’re not taking care of yourself.”

“Isn’t it odd that we’re taught to take care of your body and we’re taught to eat healthy things, to nourish our bodies, but we’re not taught to necessarily nourish ourselves mentally?” she queried. “It’s necessary to keep you going. It’s healthy.”

When Lindsay needs a mental recharge, she says there are “little things that reset me.” One option is taking her dogs for a walk and wearing earbuds without listening to music “so nobody would bother me.” Another tool is sitting still by either taking note of things she’s grateful for, not looking at her phone and opening the windows to listen to “the sound of birds chirping.”

“Self care is a survival tactic,” Lindsay offered. “…I couldn’t have success if I didn’t carve out time to be successful within.”

Lindsay is thrilled the younger generations are embracing self-care and hopes that message continues to spread.  She also emphasized the importance of therapy, saying it can help one fully realize “what you need from within.” 

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