‘Creed III’ trailer drops, IMAX feature takes you in the ring with star and director Michael B. Jordan

MGM dropped two sneak peeks of the upcoming third Creed movie on Monday. The first was an official trailer of the movie, which marks the directorial debut of its star, Michael B. Jordan.

As seen in the teaser trailer, Creed III shows Jordan’s Adonis Creed welcoming his old friend Damian (Jonathan Majors) after an 18-year stint in prison and taking him under his wing in the ring. However, Damian turns on his old friend and wants to take the title from him. As MGM teases, “Adonis must put his future on the line to battle Damian – a fighter who has nothing to lose.”

“I’m coming for everything!” Majors warns Creed.

Tessa Thompson‘s Bianca tells Creed, “Then maybe you just have to fight him.”

As both men train for their showdown, a title card reads, “There’s no enemy like the past.”

Meanwhile, MGM also released an IMAX featurette with director Jordan taking viewers behind the scenes of the movie, which was shot for the huge format.

“To be able to step behind the camera, and get a chance to elevate and evolve this story, is something I’m eternally grateful for,” Jordan says.

“Creed III is not your typical boxing story,” Jordan says, explaining it is the first sports film to be shot on IMAX cameras, giving you a chance to see “every bead of sweat … every impact, the ripples in the skin … and really immerse yourself if this world.”

Creed III hits theaters March 3.

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