“Dr. Gin, Medicine Woman”: Jane Seymour spoofs herself in a new commercial for Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin

Jane Seymour spoofed her own charity jewelry line called The Open Heart Collection in a new collab with Aviation American Gin, Ryan Reynolds‘ signature spirit brand.

In the sumptuous shot spot complete with gentle piano music, Seymour says, “The holidays are a time for family. Which is also why the holidays are a time for gin.”

She explains, straight-faced, that this “inspired” her “Open Bottle Collection,” which are basically necklaces for gin bottles. 

“Each piece is designed to elegantly fit around the neck of a bottle of Aviation,” the actress says. “It’s inspired by the bottle of gin I keep in my purse throughout the holiday season,” showing how she’s stashed a full-sized bottle. 

“So if you want to keep your family happy this holiday season, bring them something special from my Open Bottle collection,” Seymour says, before adding, “But also bring the gin. I can’t stress that part enough.”

Reynolds doesn’t appear in the ad, but he posted it to his Instagram, adding, “Dr. Gin, Medicine Woman.” 

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