Fan community survey reveals Marvel fans “overwhelmed” by so much content

With so much content out there to stream and stan, the platform Fandom asked 5,000 of its global community of some 300 million monthly users what they think about their favorite content, from Star Wars to The Sex Lives of College Girls.

The findings were rather revealing and could make a marketing exec’s head spin.

Fandom CMO Stephanie Fried noted in a statement, “The words ‘fan’ and ‘super fan’ are used constantly to describe consumers of entertainment, but those terms are too generic for today’s entertainment world.”

She adds that “fandoms are complex,” and to that end, Fandom has broken “fans” into four distinct groups, ranging from the hardcore — “The Advocate” and “The Intentionalist” on one end — to more casual fans, who are in “The Flirt” category on the other side of the spectrum.

The survey also revealed that 84% of Marvel fans say they’re “overwhelmed with the constant stream of MCU content” — but they still flock to the box office or streaming for every new entry. Their fanbase is more made up of “Advocate” and “Intentionalist” fanboys and fangirls.

On the other hand, rival DC has its fans, too, but most reside in the “Culturist” and “Flirt” categories — that is, they see new projects to calm their FOMO, or to remain plugged into what people are talking (or meme-ing) about.

However, die-hard fans aren’t just found watching superhero movies: The audience for HBO’s The Sex Lives of College Girls ranks as “Advocates” and “Intentionalists” — with 81% saying they’re ready for the forthcoming second season.

Similarly, fans of Harry Potter, Stranger Things, Rick and Morty, Zelda, Nintendo’s Mario games and The Simpsons also logged the largest number of “Advocates” and “Intentionalists.”

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