“Fantastic”: Ryan Coogler comments on Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut ‘Creed III’

Black Panther franchise director Ryan Coogler is fully supporting his friend and frequent collaborator Michael B. Jordan‘s first foray behind the camera, Creed III.

Jordan not only stars in the upcoming threequel, but took over the reins as director from Coogler, who directed the first two installments and acted as a producer on the third.

When asked by Collider if he gave Jordan any feedback as a director, Coogler responded with a laugh, “I mean, I’m not answering that, bro. I’m not answering that. Yeah, that’s crazy.” He continued, “I’m not getting into the notes.”

That said, Coogler did offer some feedback about the movie. “I’ll answer what it was like. I’ll answer that,” he said. “Fantastic. That’s what it was like.”

Creed III has Jordan’s Adonis Creed training, and then facing off with, Damian, a childhood friend who was recently released from prison. Jonathan Majors plays the character coming for Creed’s crown.

Coogler continued, “I was filled with a lot of pride for Mike, for Jonathan, for Tessa [Thompson], for Phylicia [Rashad], and for the young star that everybody’s about to meet that plays Amara [Adonis’ daughter]. But I was filled with a deep, deep, deep sense of pride for those…And my baby brother [Keenan Coogler], who wrote the script. And along with Zach Baylin, who wrote King Richard. I was just proud of them all. And I called Mike and told him.”

Creed III hits theaters March 3, 2023.

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