Hello Fresh offering spaghetti kits as only Buddy The Elf could make

Jon Favreau‘s beloved 2003 Christmas movie Elf introduced fans to Buddy, the human raised by Santa’s elves — and he introduced moviegoers to his traditional North Pole take on spaghetti.

As the character, Will Ferrell loaded a bowl of pasta with maple syrup, chocolate sauce, crumbled Pop-Tarts and just about every other sweet you can buy before digging in — and thanks to HelloFresh, you can now make it yourself.

Starting on December 5, the company will offer as one of its shippable meal kits Buddy The Elf Spaghetti, which includes a package of Colavita pasta and everything else you’ll need to recreate the “iconic” dish, “from sweet ingredients to a step-by-step recipe card!”

The kit sells for $14.99 and is limited to two packages per order while supplies last.

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