“It’s not ‘Elf’.”: Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds curb expectations about their Christmas movie, ‘Spirited’

Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds took to Instagram to try to tamp down fans’ expectations for the pair’s forthcoming holiday movie, Spirited.

In trying to promote the film, Reynolds opened by grousing, “Ugh. This sucks. Do you have any idea what it’s like to be in a Will Ferrell Christmas movie that’s not Elf?”

He disagrees with Ferrell that people will be expecting the 2003 Jon Favreau-directed classic. “Instead, they’re getting a musical movie from two guys with questionable pitch.”

Ferrell continued, “Some simple disclaimers: Hey, everyone: Spirited is not Elf. It’s not Deadpool either. It is a musical. It is funny. Anything else?” he asks his dejected co-star.

Reynolds replies, “It’s on Apple TV+.”

“Where the hell is that?!” Ferrell exclaims.

Spirited debuts in theaters November 11 and on the streaming network November 18.

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