See Frank Grillo all revved up in trailer for biopic ‘Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend’

“No legend became an icon taking the easy road,” reads a title card in the new trailer to the upcoming biopic Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend. The Purge franchise and Marvel movie veteran Frank Grillo plays the automotive genius Ferruccio Lamborghini, whose road to creating the supercar that bears his name was anything but easy.

The Italian who built tractors had bigger dreams, first approaching Gabriel Byrne‘s Enzo Ferrari with an idea of partnering to improve his famous cars — only to be rebuffed. “Go back to your farm,” he sniffs.

Instead, Lamborghini decides to create “the best car” ever, setting him on a collision course with Ferrari. “You buy a Ferrari when you want to be someone,” the automaker says. “You buy a Lamborghini when you are someone!”

Last year, Grillo talked to ABC Audio about making the project and enthused about his co-stars. “[F]irst of all, I am…all over Italy…playing Ferruccio Lamborghini, with Gabriel Byrne and Mira Sorvino. [Director] Bobby Moresco wrote the script. He won the Oscar for Crash and Million Dollar Baby. I was surrounded by Oscars, and then there was me,” he said with a laugh.

Grillo continued, “And, you know, look, to go and do a biopic and play this person and have his family around, it was, it was spectacular. Really reinvigorated my appreciation for acting.”

Lamborghini races into select theaters and onto streaming November 18.

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