“So, I kill John Dutton?” Stallone jokes about ‘Yellowstone’/’Tulsa King’ crossover

Like the smash show Yellowstone, Sylvester Stallone‘s new drama, Tulsa King, comes from prolific writer-producer Taylor Sheridan — who is also the producer of Jeremy Renner‘s well-reviewed series Mayor of Kingstown.

With Tulsa King taking place in, as its name suggests, Oklahoma, where Stallone’s mobster Dwight “The General” Manfredi has been exiled after getting out of prison, is it too much to wonder if the Dutton clan from Montana could ever cross paths with Sly’s big-city transplant?

At a recent press event, Stallone had a laugh at the prospect of a crossover in the Sheridan-verse. “You mean, I go over and I kill John Dutton? No problem. Got it. Take over the ranch?” he smiles, adding, “No.”

Stallone’s character starts gathering a crew in his new stomping grounds in the middle of America, so it’s not that out of the question, he admits. “I think we’re getting kind of close to it. You’ll see later on the episodes, I do get into the cowboy aspect of it and some of these real tough guys. It is going to continue that way.”

The Rocky icon continues, “When I start to get involved with the oil baron types and the real tough guys, they don’t mess around. So we’re kind of blending the two together. But will I actually be staying in John Dutton’s guesthouse? I doubt it,” he laughs.

Tulsa King is now streaming on Paramount+.

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