Tia Mowry gives update on ‘Sister, Sister’ reboot

As an actress, cookbook author, entrepreneur, mom and more, Tia Mowry wears many hats. 

One of those acting endeavors was starring in the 1994 sitcom Sister, Sister alongside her twin Tamera Mowry. Over the years there have been whispers of a reboot before she shut it down with a TikTok last year. So has anything changed?

“Oh, my gosh. You know, no, I’m sorry to say,” Mowry tells ABC Audio while promoting her latest collaboration with LACTAID, a lactose-free dairy product. “We have so many things going on in our lives. I have so many things going on. I don’t even know if there will even be any room for it.”

“But who knows? I never, never say never,” she adds. “You know, Tamera and I could be in our 60s. And could you imagine?”

Nevertheless, Mowry says the fact that the series, which ran for six seasons, still resonates decades later makes it “a huge success.”

“I feel like this show is constantly living on over 20 years later. And to me, that is a huge success,” the mom of two says. “… having the show still perform well and people resonate with it and it’s still being a success with where it’s at now. I think that’s something to celebrate.”

Another reason to celebrate is the exciting project Mowry has coming up that she “cannot wait to share with the world.”

“There is something that I will be announcing in January that was on my vision board for years,” she reveals. “And I cannot wait to share with the world this special project that I have been working on. I’m all about inspiring and encouraging and representation, so I think you’re going to love it, hopefully.”

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