Tim Allen reveals ‘The Santa Clauses’ answers “questions that have never been answered before”

The Santa Clauses arrives today on Disney+ and Tim Allen promises it answers questions that arose after the first movie hit theaters in 1994.

The six-part mini series picks up 16 years after The Santa Clause 3 and Allen, who returns as Scott Calvin, maintained this installment isn’t a comeback or a send off.

“It’s neither,” he told ABC Audio. “We get to answer questions that have never been answered before. That’s one of the primary reasons why I did it.”

The actor listed some questions that plagued fans for decades: “Why did Santa slide off the roof to begin with? And how did Scott Calvin become Santa?… Why did the elves not seem to care what happened to the other Santa?”

The unanswered questions kept coming. “Where did Santa come from?” he continued. “Is it unusual to have children at the North Pole? What’s Mrs. Claus’ first name? What’s the history of Santa Claus?”

“All of that [gets answered,]” Allen shared. “This is a six-hour movie. I call it chapters of a book [and] it gets really fun.”

Newcomer Kal Penn, who plays potential Santa replacement Simon Choksi, said Allen ensured The Santa Clauses rose to meet fans’ expectations. “He’s not just looking out for whether his lines make sense. He’s making sure that all of the arcs in the script fit well together,” he explained.

Penn added Allen had conversations to ensure the plot and all the characters “made sense based on the previous films” while enshrining “what Christmas is.” 

Penn adds he hopes The Santa Clauses series “resonates with every cynic” and reminds them “you’re not dead inside” because the magic of Christmas is “still there.”  

The first two episodes of The Santa Clauses are streaming now on Disney+.

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