We triple dog dare you not to smile at the trailer for ‘A Christmas Story Christmas’

HBO Max has dropped the trailer to A Christmas Story Christmas, the holiday movie that brings Peter Billingsley back as the beloved, bespectacled Ralphie. 

In the movie, he returns to his childhood home to have a traditional family Christmas, only to find it’s not as easy as he thought.

“One day you’re playing Kick the Can with kids named Flick and Schwartz, and the next thing you know, you’re a certified adult,” Ralphie says in voiceover as he meets with the grown-up versions of his childhood pals.

The nostalgia for the 1983 original is layered on thick, with a return to the Higbee’s department store for a meet-and-greet with between Ralphie’s own kids and Santa. “Don’t let him kick you in the face!” Ralphie warns in one of many callbacks to the original.

There’s even a triple dog dare, with Schwartz — the kid who stuck his tongue to a pole in the original — getting goaded to sled down an apparently unfinished ramp.

A Christmas Story Christmas debuts November 17 on HBO Max.

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