Customer gives birth to baby girl in a McDonald’s bathroom

(ATLANTA) — Three employees at a McDonald’s in Atlanta, Georgia, helped deliver a baby girl after a pregnant mother went into labor there.

Sha’querria Kaigler, Keisha Blue-Murray and Tunisia Woodward heard a piercing scream from the bathroom of the McDonald’s branch on Wednesday, only to find a customer in active labor.

A customer came out of the bathroom and told Woodward there was a customer in labor. When Woodward went in to check on the customer, she found her laid down on the floor, heavily breathing and screaming, Woodward told ABC News in an interview.

The pregnant customer and her husband had stopped by the local branch to eat and use the bathroom. When in the restroom, the customer realized that her water had broken and she was in active labor.

Other employees and the customer’s husband then rushed into the bathroom to help. Kaigler called 9-1-1 and the operator walked them through the delivery, Woodward said.

Woodward sat on the right side of the woman and the customer’s husband sat on the left side and they both held her hand as she delivered the baby. Woodward said at one point, the customer bit her arm because of how much pain she was in.

When the customer told Woodward she didn’t want to give birth in a bathroom, Woodward said she told her, “It’s okay you’re going to have a little nugget today.”

Woodward said the labor was moving fast and about 15 minutes later, the baby had arrived, even before paramedics had arrived on the scene.

The local McDonald’s owner, Steve Akinboro, rewarded the three employees with $250 gift cards toward their Thanksgiving celebrations. Woodward said she plans on spending all the money on the baby.

Woodward said she has been texting with the mother since the unexpected birth and said both mother and daughter are in good health. The employees are planning a baby shower for her at the Atlanta location next week.


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