Midterm election results live updates: Democrats maintain lead in Arizona races

(WASHINGTON) — The 2022 midterm elections are shaping up to be some of the most consequential in the nation’s history, with control of Congress at stake.

All 435 seats in the House and 35 of 100 seats in the Senate are on the ballot, as well as several influential gubernatorial elections in battleground states like Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Democrats are defending their narrow majorities in both chambers. Republican control of either the House or Senate would be enough to curtail most of President Joe Biden’s agenda, and would likely result in investigations against his administration and even his family.

Here is how the news is developing. All times Eastern:

Nov 11, 7:37 AM EST
Democrats maintain lead in Arizona, but many ballots remain uncounted

Democratic candidates in Arizona slightly continued to expand their leads over Republicans late Thursday. But with small batches of votes also trickling in from rural counties, the statewide races are still projected to be close and hundreds of thousands of ballots remain uncounted.

A late night drop of just over 78,000 votes from Maricopa County — comprised of early ballots dropped off in the days before Election Day — were favorable to Democrats. However, Republicans predict the roughly 260,000 outstanding Election Day “late earlies” and the 17,000 “Box #3” ballots will favor them.

Here’s where Arizona’s races currently stand:

Senate: Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly continues to lead Republican challenger Blake Masters, now by about 115,000 votes, with 80% of the expected vote in. The race is 52%-46%.

Governor: Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs netted an additional 7,494 votes and is leading Republican candidate Kari Lake at 51-49%, with 79% of the expected vote in. Both have reached over a million votes, but Hobbs leads Lake by nearly 27,000.

Secretary of State: Democratic candidate Adrian Fontes continues to grow his lead over Republican candidate Mark Finchem, 53%-47%, leading by about 109,000 votes, with 78% of expected vote in.

Attorney general: Democratic candidate Kris Mayes and Republican candidate Abe Hamadeh are still statically tied at 50%, but in terms of vote count, Mayes is leading by about 16,000 votes.

There are just under an estimated 500,000 outstanding ballots in Arizona, including more than 100,000 ballots in Pima County and 330,000 in Maricopa County.

Maricopa County officials will have another ballot drop Friday evening, along with a press conference at some point in the day. They expect to continue counting votes through the weekend because a record number of “late early” ballots dropped off on Election Day are going through the signature verification process.

Nov 11, 7:07 AM EST
Where the outstanding House races stand

As of early Friday morning, Republicans have won 211 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives while Democrats have won 204.

So far, Republicans have flipped a total of 16 House seats while Democrats have flipped five.

Twenty House races remain outstanding and Republicans only need to win seven of them to gain control of Congress’ lower chamber.

Both parties are currently leading in 10 of the outstanding House races.

Nov 11, 6:55 AM EST
Where the outstanding Senate races stand

As of early Friday morning, both Democrats and Republicans have 48 seats in the Senate and four seats remain undecided with those races still outstanding.

Alaska: No candidate received 50% of the vote, meaning that rank-choice voting will decide the winner of the race no earlier than Nov. 23. With 71% of the expected vote reporting, Republican candidate Kelly Tshibaka has 44%, Republican incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski has 43%, Democratic candidate Patricia Chesbro has 10% and Republican candidate Buzz Kelley has 3%.

Arizona: With 80% of the expected vote reporting, Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly has 52% and Republican challenger Blake Masters has 46%.

Georgia: With 99% of the expected vote reporting, Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock has 49% and Republican challenger Herschel Walker has 49%. A runoff election was announced and will be held Dec. 6.

Nevada: With 88% of the expected vote reporting, Republican challenger Adam Laxalt has 49% and Democratic incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto has 48%.

Nov 10, 9:00 PM EST
Trump takes aim at DeSantis

Donald Trump escalated his criticism of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, suggesting he views DeSantis as a potential challenger in the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

In a lengthy statement, Trump jabbed at DeSantis as an “average” governor who benefited from “great Public Relations.”

In recent days, the former president has alternated between swipes at the Florida governor, such as labeling him “DeSanctimonious,” and then telling a rally on Sunday to reelect DeSantis.

Nov 10, 6:22 PM EST
Cheney says midterm results show a ‘clear victory for team normal’

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney said the midterm results show a “real rejection” of former President Donald Trump and his brand of politics.

“It was a clear victory for team normal, and we have a huge amount of work to do,” Cheney said at the Never Is Now conference in New York hosted by the Anti-Defamation League. “I think that you saw in really important races around the country people coming together and saying ‘We believe in democracy. We believe in standing up for the Constitution and for the Republic,’ and a real rejection of the toxicity and the hate and vitriol of Donald Trump.”

Cheney, once the No. 3 Republican in the House who fell out with the party over her harsh criticism of Trump, was ousted during the Wyoming Republican primary by Harriet Hageman. Hageman, who received Trump’s endorsement, handily won her race against Democrat Lynnette Grey Bull.

But at least 14 of his candidates are projected to lose their races. Republicans are already finger-pointing as to who is to blame for the disappointing results. While Republicans could still control of both chambers, the predicted “red wave” didn’t materialize.

“I look at what happened on Tuesday night, and while it certainly is not the end of this battle — we have a long battle ahead — I do think it was the American people generally sending a message they want to pull us back from the brink,” Cheney said.

-ABC News’ Brittany Shepherd

Nov 10, 4:51 PM EST
McCarthy announces ‘transition teams’ despite incomplete results

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday announced “transition teams” for the new Congress, even though which party will control the chamber is still unclear as counting continues in several key races.

The teams will be led by House Minority Whip Steve Scalise as well as Reps. Jim Jordan, James Comer and Rep. Bryan Steil.

“The House Republican majority is getting right to work,” McCarthy said in a press announcement. “These Transition Teams will ensure we hit the ground running on issues that Democrats have ignored or made worse for the American people under one-party rule, all while shutting out our fellow citizens from the People’s House.”

-ABC News’ Lauren Peller

Nov 10, 4:42 PM EST
Mitt Romney cautions GOP there are ‘two roads’ available post-midterms

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, is looking ahead to a possible Republican majority in Congress and urging his colleagues to find commonsense, bipartisan reforms.

Without naming Donald Trump, his brand of politics, and particularly his allies in Congress, Romney in an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal called on his party to essentially embark on a new path.

“Robert Frost and politics don’t really mix, but his famous allegory is apt: Two roads diverge before this potential GOP majority,” Romney wrote. “The one ‘less travelled by’ would be to pass bills that would make things better for the American people. The more tempting and historically more frequented road would be to pursue pointless investigations, messaging bills, threats and government shutdowns. The road we choose could make ‘all the difference."”

Romney called for his party to back bipartisan deals on inflation, immigration and election integrity. On the latter issue, Romney warned: “While authoritarians in Russia and China are advertising an alternative to government of, by and for the people, spouting evidence-free claims of election fraud is stupidly self-defeating and despicable.”

“Two roads are available. I hope Congress and the White House engage to make a difference rather than to make more noise,” the senator concluded.

-ABC News’ Trish Turner

Nov 10, 4:07 PM EST
Biden urges bipartisanship but draws some red lines on abortion, Social Security

Taking the stage at a Democratic National Committee event, President Joe Biden continued to call for bipartisanship but made it clear he would veto Republican attempts to ban abortion or cut social programs like Social Security.

As of Thursday afternoon, the balance of power in the House and Senate was still up in the air. Democrats could lose majority control of both chambers.

“The American people sent a message that they want us to work together,” Biden said.

“Folks, I’ll always welcome any good ideas, whether it’s Democrat or Republican, to move the country forward,” Biden said, before going on to list potential legislative efforts by a GOP majority that he would block.

“But I’ve also made it really clear that Republicans tried to repeal the power we just gave Medicare to reduce prescription costs, I will veto it,” he said. “If Republicans try to walk away from the historic commitment we just made to deal with the climate crisis, I will not let that happen. If Republicans try to cut Social Security or Medicare, I will not let that happen.”

Nov 10, 4:05 PM EST
50,000 ballots left to be counted in Clark County, Nevada

In Clark County, Nevada, 50,000 ballots still need to be counted, according to county registrar of voters Joe Gloria.

“Over the course of the next three days we’ll get them into the system,” he said.

“We will report again Friday night and then report again Saturday night. At that point we expect the majority of the ballots to be tabulated,” he said.

-ABC News’ Abby Cruz

Nov 10, 3:40 PM EST
VP Harris says midterms prove ‘democracy is intact’

Vice President Kamala Harris, speaking at a Democratic National Committee event on Thursday, thanked election workers and others as the party defied expectations in the midterms.

“As we gather here, votes are still being counted. But it is clear your work sent a message to the entire world: Our democracy is intact,” Harris said.

“And when democracy is intact, this is what it looks like,” she continued. “Here’s the thing: some Democrats won and some Republicans won. That is what happens when more than 100 million Americans participate and vote in free and fair and open elections.”

Harris, President Joe Biden, first lady Jill Biden and second gentleman Douglas Emhoff were all in attendance. The event took place at the Howard Theater in Washington, D.C.

“You did it, Joe,” Harris said, riffing off her viral video reacting to the 2020 election results.

Nov 10, 3:12 PM EST
Maricopa County expects to wrap vote count on Monday

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chair Bill Gates told ABC News he expects to wrap up vote counting in Arizona’s largest county by Monday.

“We have just a little over 400,000 votes left to be counted,” he said.

A record number of “late earlies” were dropped off on Election Day — 290,000 ballots — which is slowing the process, Gates added.

“This is not out of the ordinary — it’s fairly consistent with what we’ve done in the past,” he stressed. “Again, we want to be doing this accurately.”

-ABC News’ Libby Cathey

Nov 10, 2:27 PM EST
Warnock centers runoff campaign around character

Standing in front of the John Lewis mural in Atlanta, an energetic and confident Sen. Raphael Warnock kicked off his runoff campaign, arguing that it’s about “competence” and “character.”

“This is not a race about Democrat and Republican. It’s not a race of the right versus the left. Fundamentally, this is a race about right and wrong. Who’s right for Georgia and who’s clearly wrong for Georgia,” he said

Warnock, the Democratic incumbent, argued that Republican challenger Herschel Walker “has shown us that he’s not capable” and “has no vision for our state or for our country.”

“We’ve been running now for a little while, and he has yet to tell us what he actually wants to do,” Warnock said.

Warnock and Walker were tied each with 49% of the vote as of Thursday morning, with 99% of the expected vote reporting. Their runoff election will take place on Dec. 6.

Warnock said, over the next four weeks, he will focus his attention on those who didn’t vote for him.

“For those of you who made a different choice, this time, whether for Herschel Walker or someone else, I want to speak directly to you: Over the next four weeks, I hope you will give me the opportunity to earn your vote,” he said.

Warnock, who unseated Sen. Kelly Loeffler in a 2020 runoff, said, “We all knew this election would be close. But I’ve done this before — we’ve done this before. We know how to win a runoff.”

-ABC News’ Lalee Ibssa

Nov 10, 7:56 AM EST
Outstanding Senate races and where control of the upper chamber stands

As of Thursday morning, both Democrats and Republicans have 48 seats in the Senate and four seats remain undecided with those races still outstanding.

Alaska: No candidate received 50% of the vote, meaning that rank-choice voting will decide the winner of the race. With 71% of the expected vote reporting, Republican candidate Kelly Tshibaka has 44%, Republican incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski has 43%, Democratic candidate Patricia Chesbro has 10% and Republican candidate Buzz Kelley has 3%.

Arizona: With 76% of the expected vote reporting, Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly has 51% and Republican challenger Blake Masters has 46%.

Georgia: With 99% of the expected vote reporting, Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock has 49% and Republican challenger Herschel Walker has 49%.

Nevada: With 84% of the expected vote reporting, Republican challenger Adam Laxalt has 49% and Democratic incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto has 48%.

Nov 10, 7:31 AM EST
Abortion rights played role in Tuesday voting, winning governor says

Voters spoke decisively in every state where abortion was on the ballot, erring on the side of access and rejecting anti-abortion efforts.

A referendum in Montana, which differed most from the other four states that voted singularly on abortion, would have required medical treatment for infants born alive after an attempted abortion. It included a provision that would penalize medical providers for violation, carrying a $50K fine and/or up to 20 years behind bars. It was defeated by voters in a ruby red state.

Kentucky voters also voted down a proposition that aimed to prohibit adding the right to an abortion or the right to public abortion funding to the state constitution.

California, Michigan and Vermont voters all supported propositions that would guarantee abortion rights in each state’s constitution.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who framed herself as the “last line of defense” for abortion rights during her successful reelection effort, credited her state’s abortion proposition with enthusiasm at the polls that arguably helped her win.

“We know that people were very fired up at the prospect of losing a right that has been enshrined for 49 years and that drew a lot of people into this moment and we’re grateful for it,” Whitmer said Wednesday.

Michiganders also flipped the statehouse to Democrats, giving them full government control.

Nov 09, 8:08 PM EST
McCarthy confident he has votes for majority, speaker

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy expressed confidence that he has the votes for both the majority and the speakership in response to reporters’ questions while leaving the Capitol Wednesday evening.

McCarthy said he has also spoken to President Joe Biden. The White House confirmed they spoke Wednesday evening, though it did not share any further details.

McCarthy spent the day behind closed doors, meeting with some of his allies and whip team. His aides and outside advisers could be seen working the phones all day.

A short time ago, GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was seen entering his office for a meeting. She did not answer any questions upon leaving.

-ABC News’ Katherine Faulders and Trish Turner

Nov 09, 7:53 PM EST
Boebert trailing by 73 votes with 95% reporting

In her bid for reelection, Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert is trailing by a meager 73 votes with 95% of the expected vote reporting, according to ABC News’ latest projection.

The Trump loyalist is vying for a second term in the state’s 3rd Congressional District in the tight race against Democratic challenger Adam Frisch, a former Aspen City councilman.

Attorneys from each side have been in various county election offices talking to officials about the procedure of a recount, according to campaign and party sources.

-ABC News’ Jeffrey Cook

Nov 09, 7:23 PM EST
Alaska Senate race heads to next round of ranked-choice voting

ABC News can project that no candidate in the Alaska Senate race will receive 50% of the first-choice votes. Incumbent Rep. Lisa Murkowski and Kelly Tshibaka, both Republicans, have advanced to the next round of ranked-choice voting, with the winner to be announced on Nov. 23.

Nov 09, 6:12 PM EST
Iowa House Democrat Axne concedes in bid for reelection

Rep. Cindy Axne, D-Iowa, has conceded in her bid for reelection, flipping the state’s 3rd Congressional District.

“Even though the numbers weren’t in our favor this year, I encourage you all to continue to have the hard conversations with your friends and your neighbors about the issues that matter,” she wrote on Twitter, shortly before ABC News projected that Republican state Sen. Zach Nunn will win the seat.

With Axne out, there will be no Democrats representing Iowa in Congress next year.

-ABC News’ Hannah Demissie

Nov 09, 5:23 PM EST
Biden addresses reelection plans

President Joe Biden said he intends to run for reelection, though he said he doesn’t plan to make a formal decision with first lady Jill Biden until early next year.

“Our intention is to run again,” Biden told reporters Wednesday during remarks on the midterms. “That’s been our intention, regardless of what the outcome of this election was.”

Biden said he and his family are going to have “discussions” about it over the next few weeks.

“My intention is that I will run again, but I’m a great respecter of fate, and this is ultimately a family decision,” he said.

“I don’t feel in any hurry one way or another to make that judgment. Today, tomorrow, whenever, no matter what my predecessor does,” he added, not referring to former President Donald Trump by name.

Sources told ABC News that Trump, who has been teasing a “big announcement,” could potentially announce a 2024 presidential run as early as the week of Nov. 14.

Nov 09, 4:31 PM EST
Biden: ‘It was a good day for democracy’

Even as some key races are still outstanding, President Joe Biden addressed Democrats’ stronger-than-expected midterms results.

“It was a good day, I think, for democracy. And I think it was a good day for America,” Biden told reporters during an address from the White House on Wednesday.

Biden said that “any seat lost is painful” while acknowledging that some Democrats didn’t win their elections. But overall he said the party “had a strong night.”

“We lost fewer seats in the House of Representatives than any Democratic president’s first midterm election in the last 40 years,” he said.

Nov 09, 3:28 PM EST
Georgia Senate race heading to a runoff

In the Georgia Senate race, ABC News reports no candidate will receive more than 50% of the vote.

There will be a runoff election between Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker on Dec. 6.

Warnock and Walker were tied Wednesday morning at 49% with 96% of the expected vote reported.

The Georgia Senate race is one of the most competitive in the country and will likely determine which party will control the Senate. Read more about the race here.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said voters can request absentee ballots now through Nov. 28. Early voting must begin no later than Nov. 28.

“I’ll ask the voters to come out and vote one last time,” he said. “We hope that the voters don’t have fatigue because this is where you get to exercise your priceless franchise: the right to vote.”

Nov 09, 3:23 PM EST
Where the outstanding Senate races stand

Alaska: With 71% of the expected vote reporting, Republican challenger Kelly Tshibaka leads the Senate race with 44% of the vote, followed by Republican incumbent Lisa Murkowski with 43%. A third woman, Democrat Patricia Chesbro, has 10% of the vote.

Arizona: With 69% of the expected vote reporting, Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly leads the Senate race with 51% of the vote. Republican challenger Blake Masters has 46%.

Nevada: With 80% of the expected vote reporting, Republican Adam Laxalt leads the Senate race with 50% of the vote, followed by incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto with 47%.

Georgia: With 99% of the expected vote reporting, incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and challenger Republican Herschel Walker are tied at 49% of the vote. There will be a runoff election on Dec. 6.

-ABC News’ Isabella Murray

Nov 09, 3:12 PM EST
McCarthy formally launches bid for House speaker despite incomplete results

Despite the number of House races that remain outstanding, House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy has formally launched a bid for House speaker in a letter to his colleagues, pledging to be “a listener every bit as much as a Speaker.” He says Republicans will “achieve our goal of taking back the House.”

McCarthy promised to “reopen the Capitol” and end proxy voting in addition to remote work for Congress.

He said Republicans will “devote the resources necessary for this House to go toe-to-toe with the executive branch, especially as it pertains to oversight and holding the Biden administration accountable for its mismanagement of our country.”

-ABC News’ Lauren Peller

Nov 09, 3:08 PM EST
Pelosi to Dems: House results so far ‘a remarkable achievement’

On a caucus call with House Democrats after a surprising showing on election night, Speaker Nancy Pelosi praised her party’s efforts to defend their majority.

“It is a remarkable achievement what all of us did working together,” Pelosi said, according to a source on the call.

“We said we would make our own environment and we did,” Pelosi added.

She praised Democratic Campaign Committee Chair Sean Patrick Maloney — who narrowly lost his reelection race in New York — after Republicans spent millions of dollars to unseat him. Republicans won a “pyrrhic victory” against Maloney, she told Democrats, and used up resources “which could have been better spent in some other races.”

-ABC News’ Ben Siegel

Nov 09, 1:56 PM EST
Van Orden, who was in DC on Jan. 6, projected to win House race

ABC News can project that Republican Derrick Van Orden will win Wisconsin’s 3rd congressional district, picking up a seat formerly held by Democrat Ronald Kind. With 89% of the expected vote reporting, Van Orden has 52.8% of the vote to Democrat Brad Pfaff’s 47.1%.

Van Orden was present at former President Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally on Jan. 6, 2021. Van Orden, a retired Navy SEAL, has said he was in the nation’s capital that day for meetings.

Some Capitol Police officers are angry that Orden and others who were in Washington, D.C., that day have run for office. Four officers told ABC News they’re planning to retire early, adding to the already huge problem of worker retention on the force.

Nov 09, 12:55 PM EST
McConnell: ‘I don’t deal in feelings’

Asked Wednesday how he feels about the Republicans’ chances of taking back the Senate, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell replied, “I don’t deal in feelings.”

“They’ve got to count the votes and then we’ll figure out where we are,” he told reporters at the Capitol.

McConnell did not respond to ABC News’ questions if he’s still supporting Georgia Republican Senatorial candidate Herschel Walker.

-ABC News’ Trish Turner

Nov 09, 12:09 PM EST
Biden to give remarks, hold press conference at 4 p.m.

President Joe Biden will give remarks and hold a press conference at 4 p.m.

In a brief preview of his speech shared on Twitter, Biden thanked election officials for upholding democracy.

“Democracy doesn’t happen by accident. We have to defend, strengthen and renew it,” Biden tweeted.

“I’ll have more to say this afternoon, but thanks to the poll workers and officials that worked into the night to safeguard our sacred right to vote. And the millions who made their voices heard,” he continued.

Nov 09, 11:32 AM EST
Republican incumbent projected to win Wisconsin Senate race

Republican incumbent Ron Johnson is projected to win the Wisconsin Senate race over Democratic challenger Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes.

Johnson was the subject of part of the Jan. 6 committee’s findings earlier this year which revealed, according to text messages from a senior Johnson aide, that he apparently wanted to deliver fake electoral votes for Donald Trump from Wisconsin and Michigan to Mike Pence on Jan. 6, 2021.

Nov 09, 11:07 AM EST
DCCC chair concedes

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney of New York on Wednesday called his Republican challenger Mike Lawler to concede. Political insiders say this was a big loss for Democrats.

Maloney is the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the fundraising arm for the House. He directed millions to save his own campaign and insisted he wasn’t in real trouble, potentially costing his colleagues votes.

Nov 09, 10:13 AM EST
Democrat projected to win Kansas gubernatorial race

Democrat Laura Kelly, the incumbent, is projected to win the Kansas gubernatorial race.

Her opponent, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, was backed by former President Donald Trump.

Nov 09, 9:58 AM EST
Trump fuming as results came in: Sources

While former President Donald Trump still has a hold over Republicans and prepares to announce his candidacy for president in 2024, election night was not a “red wave” as Trump had expected.

Sources close to the former president described him as fuming, especially as candidates Trump backed performed poorly with voters.

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ successful night in Florida also served as a wakeup call for Trump and his advisers.

“This is a sinking ship,” one top Trump adviser told ABC News. “We’re not going to beat that.”

“This was the end of the Trump era and the dawn of the DeSantis era. Like every other Trump catastrophe, he did this to himself with stupid and reckless decisions,” a Republican operative close to the Trump orbit told ABC News.

Trump suffered losses across the country and was particularly unhappy as he watched two candidates he endorsed in Pennsylvania lose their elections: Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz and gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano.

Trump told advisers he was also shocked the Georgia Senate race between incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and challenger Republican Herschel Walker was so close. (On Wednesday morning, with 96% of the expected vote reporting, Warnock and Walker were tied at 49%.)

Trump announced on Monday that he planned to make a big announcement next week. Some of those close to Trump are privately hoping that he decides not to run. But others who have spoken with him say he’s unlikely to renege on his plans because he’s spent the last two years teasing a run.

Nov 09, 9:46 AM EST
Oz concedes to Fetterman

Pennsylvania’s Dr. Mehmet Oz called Democrat Lt. Gov. John Fetterman at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday to concede, according to a tweet from Fetterman’s communications director.

Fetterman was projected to win Pennsylvania’s Senate race, one of the most closely watched races in the nation.

Nov 09, 9:18 AM EST
Dixon concedes Michigan gubernatorial race

Tudor Dixon, the Republican nominee for governor in Michigan, called Democrat incumbent Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Wednesday morning to “concede and wish her well.”

“Michigan’s future success rests not in elected officials or government, but all of us. It is incumbent upon all of us to help our children read, support law enforcement, and grow our economy,” Dixon said in a statement. “Thank you to our volunteers and supporters for working so hard to forge a better Michigan. We came up short, but we will never stop fighting for our families.”

Whitmer, elected in the blue wave in 2018, cast herself as a crucial backstop for abortion access while Dixon said she opposes abortion access.

Nov 09, 7:07 AM EST
Where outstanding Senate races stand

Alaska: With 67% of the expected vote reporting, Republican challenger Kelly Tshibaka leads with 44% of the vote, followed by Republican incumbent Lisa Murkowski with 43%.

Arizona: With 67% of the expected vote reporting, Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly leads with 52% of the vote, followed by Republican challenger Blake Masters with 46%.

Georgia: With 96% of the expected vote reporting, incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and challenger Republican Herschel Walker are tied at 49% of the vote, meaning a runoff election is likely.

Wisconsin: With 94% of the expected vote reporting, Republican incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson leads with 51% of the vote, followed by Democratic challenger Lt. Gov Mandela Barnes with 49%.

Nevada: With 80% of the expected vote reporting, Republican challenger Adam Laxalt leads with 50% of the vote, followed by incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto with 47%.

Nov 09, 6:20 AM EST
Tony Evers projected to win reelection as Wisconsin governor

Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers will win his campaign for reelection over Republican Tim Michels, ABC News projects.

Evers took to Twitter to react to the news: “Holy Mackerel, folks! I want to thank everyone who made this possible. Because of you, we have another four years to keep doing the right thing for Wisconsin.”

Evers, Wisconsin’s governor since 2018, had been in a tight race against Michels, a construction executive and former GOP candidate, according to FiveThirtyEight’s polling average.

Those surveys showed the two candidates neck-and-neck heading into Election Day with Michels holding a slim 1-point advantage over Evers in the campaign’s final stretch, though the two traded leads a few times since the late summer.

Nov 09, 6:17 AM EST
Katie Hobbs’ lead over Kari Lake narrows in Arizona’s gubernatorial race

As of early Wednesday, Katie Hobb’s lead over Kari Lake in Arizona’s gubernatorial race has narrowed to about three points, or roughly 40,000 votes, following the last big Election Day drop from Maricopa County for the night.

We won’t see more votes from Maricopa County until Wednesday evening. As expected, more early votes are going to Hobbs, a Democrat who currently serves as Arizona’s secretary of state, while more Election Day votes — many of which still need to be counted — are going to Lake, a Republican who previously worked as a television news anchor in Phoenix for 22 years.

The vibe at the Republican Watch Party in Scottsdale drastically changed over the course of Tuesday night. What started as a celebration packed with people ended with worried faces scattered around an empty ballroom. One attendee was overheard calling the night “so sad.”

Only Lake and Abe Hamadeh, Republican candidate for Arizona’s attorney general, briefly spoke to supporters at the event. Blake Masters, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, and Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem, the Republican candidate for Arizona’s secretary of state, never took the stage, even though some attendees paid $1,000 to be there with them. Hundreds of red, white and blue balloons in a net above the stage were also never released.

Lake’s team asked members of the press to hang around until 2 a.m. local time, when the ballroom reservation ended. But with the room largely cleared out by 12:30 a.m., it was clear Lake would not take the stage again. This was a stark contrast from primary night on Aug. 2, when Lake declared victory before any projection, took to the stage three times and had her team extend the ballroom reservation until 4 a.m.

“God did not put us in this fight because it was going to be easy,” Lake told a crowd of hundreds in her single on-stage appearance on Tuesday night. “When corruption has risen to the level that it’s at right now, it takes tough, strong people. Are you tough and strong. Are you willing to continue this fight?”

“I think it will be within hours. We will declare victory, and we will get to work turning this around,” she added.

“As they continue to come in and our numbers go up, up, up — like they did last time — when we win, the first line of action is to restore honesty to Arizona elections,” she continued, firing up the crowd. “We will not stop fighting until we have every legal vote counted, so we’re going to be patient. We’re going to be patient guys. We’re going to wait right now.”

Nov 09, 4:27 AM EST
With votes outstanding, Cortez Masto says she’s ‘confident’

With the Senate race in Nevada yet to be called and some counties still counting votes, Democratic incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto told reporters early Wednesday that she’s feeling “confident.”

“The votes are still being counted,” she said. “We know this will take time and we won’’ have more election results for several days. I am confident in this team. I’m confident in the campaign that we’ve built to win.”

Currently, Nevada’s Senate and governor races are extremely close; however, both show the Democratic incumbent in a slight lead over their opponent.

“We’re not done yet,” Cortez Masto told reporters. “Let’s keep the positive energy flowing.”

Nov 09, 3:32 AM EST
House, Senate majorities still up in the air

There are currently five Senate races, including Arizona, Georgia and Nevada, as well as a number of House races that have yet to be called.

Most are separated by razor thin margins and all will come down to counting the vote.

ABC News has not projected which party will control either the House or the Senate, and Republicans still could flip both chambers, which would be in line with past outcomes for the minority party in a midterm year.

Nov 09, 2:19 AM EST
McCarthy predicts Republicans will ‘take the House back’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., took the stage just after 2 a.m. ET on Wednesday to discuss the Republican Party’s performance in the midterms so far.

“If you believe in freedom, hard work and the American dream, these results proved that there is a place for you in the Republican Party,” he said.

While the balance of power in Congress has yet to be determined, McCarthy told supporters that “it is clear that we are going to take the House back.”

As of early Wednesday, according to ABC News’ projections, Republicans were estimated to have won 207 House seats to Democrats 188, with 40 more remaining unprojected.

“When you wake up tomorrow, we will be in the majority and Nancy Pelosi will be in the minority,” McCarthy said to cheers from the crowd.

Nov 09, 1:46 AM EST
Pelosi says House Democrats are ‘outperforming expectations’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said early Wednesday her party had defied pre-election predictions that they were slated to lose the majority while noting that the ultimate outcome was still unclear.

“While many races remain too close to call, it is clear that House Democratic Members and candidates are strongly outperforming expectations across the country,” Pelosi said in a statement.

“As states continue to tabulate the final results, every vote must be counted as cast,” she continued. “Many thanks to our grassroots volunteers for enabling every voter to have their say in our Democracy.”

Heading into the midterms, Democrats maintained only a small majority hold on the House with Republicans needing to flip five seats for control.

The GOP had for months campaigned heavily on concerns about high inflation, the economy and public safety — often highlighting President Joe Biden’s low approval rating — while Democrats had focused on abortion access, extremism and, in some races, messages on social issues and inequality.

As of early Wednesday, according to ABC News’ projections, Republicans were estimated to have won 207 House seats to Democrats 188, with 40 more remaining unprojected.

Nov 09, 1:45 AM EST
Gretchen Whitmer projected to win reelection in Michigan

Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is the projected winner of Michigan’s gubernatorial race, fending off a challenge from Republican nominee Tudor Dixon.

Whitmer, elected in the blue wave in 2018, cast herself as a crucial backstop for abortion access while Dixon said she opposes abortion access. Preliminary exit poll results in Michigan showed abortion was a top issue for voters, unlike in other states where inflation topped voters’ concerns, and 60% of Michigan voters said abortion should be legal in most or all cases.

Nov 09, 1:40 AM EST
Which Trump-backed candidates are projected to have lost?

With Dr. Mehmet Oz’s projected loss in Pennsylvania, at least six candidates backed by former President Donald Trump have now been defeated so far.

New Hampshire’s Don Bolduc: Bolduc was projected to be defeated tonight by Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan. Bolduc had reversed course on his false claim that the 2020 election was stolen. Trump has weighed in specifically on this loss on his platform Truth Social, claiming that had Bolduc “stayed strong and true” to those false claims he “would have won easily.”

Pennsylvania’s Doug Mastriano: Mastriano was projected to be defeated in his bid for governor tonight by Democrat Josh Shapiro. Mastriano is an election denier who helped spearhead Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania and attended the rally before the Jan. 6 riot and appeared in video walking through police lines.

Pennsylvania’s Dr. Mehmet Oz: Oz was projected to lose to Fetterman tonight for Senate in one of the most closely watched races in the nation. Oz had “raised questions” about the election, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Maryland’s Dan Cox: Democrat Wes Moore was projected to beat Trump-backed Dan Cox, who FiveThirtyEight rates as an election denier. He posted in an Facebook post that “I was there in Philadelphia in 2020 on President Trump’s team and I witnessed the fraud. We must never let them rig and steal our elections again.”

Massachusetts’ Geoff Diehl: Geoff Diehl was projected to lose tonight to Democrat Maura Healey in the race for governor. Diehl is an election denier, according to FiveThirtyEight. He said in an October 2021 statement “that the 2020 election was rigged,” according to a local report.

New York’s Lee Zeldin: Lee Zeldin was projected to be defeated tonight by Governor Kathy Hochul. The race had become tighter than expected in the last few weeks.

Nov 09, 1:26 AM EST
Mike Lee projected to win Utah Senate race

ABC News can project that Republican Mike Lee will win Utah, clinching his third term in the U.S. Senate. Lee is projected to defeat his Democratic challenger Evan McMullin. McMullin said he called Lee to acknowledge the defeat.

“While tonight’s results weren’t what we hoped for, I can say with absolute confidence that we did something special here in Utah. To all the Utahns who put party politics aside to join our cross-partisan coalition: I am so proud of what we built here,” McMullin tweeted.

Nov 09, 1:17 AM EST
John Fetterman projected to win Pennsylvania’s marquee Senate race

ABC News can project that Democrat John Fetterman will win Pennsylvania’s Senate race, defeating celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz in one of the most closely watched races in the nation.

Pennsylvania is one of a handful of battleground states that will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate.

“It’s official. I will be the next U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania,” Fetterman tweeted early Wednesday. “We bet on the people of Pennsylvania – and you didn’t let us down and I won’t let you down. Thank you.”

Nov 09, 12:53 AM EST
Kari Lake tells supporters to wait for ‘victory to come at us’

Kari Lake took the stage early Wednesday at the Republican Watch Party in Scottsdale, where she told hundreds of her supporters that she will win — but cautioned patience.

Lake, an outspoken election denier, began her brief remarks by telling the crowd: “We had a big day today and don’t let those cheaters and crooks think anything different. Don’t let them doubt in you.”

Lake’s been trying to sow doubt about the integrity of the election results in the lead up to Election Day. On Wednesday morning, she appeared to take a jab at her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs, who currently serves as Arizona’s secretary of state. Hobbs has called Lake’s comments unacceptable.

“Are you willing for incompetency to play itself out and a victory to come at us?” Lake asked the crowd. “I am willing to wait for that and when we win and I think you will be within hours. I think it will be within hours. We will declare victory and we will get to work turning this around. Mo more incompetency, no more corruption in Arizona elections.”

Nov 09, 12:17 AM EST
McCarthy has yet to take the stage at election watch party

So far, the Kevin McCarthy watch party is notable for missing one guest … Kevin McCarthy.

Hotel staff initially prepared for the House Minority Leader to arrive around 9 p.m. Then, there was guidance he would speak around 11 p.m. It’s now past midnight and the congressman has yet to make an appearance.

Guests at the event — largely young GOP staffers — are settling in for a long night. Some are expressing concern the calls are taking a lot longer than they expected — and some key races aren’t going their way. A select few guests are even finishing their drinks and leaving.

Hotel staff are scrambling. They tell ABC News they did not expect the event to go this long and the room will stay open past midnight, if McCarthy wants to speak. Meantime, the stage is set for a victory speech. But, the room where the speech would take place is largely empty.

McCarthy’s team has not responded to questions on timing.

Nov 09, 12:15 AM EST
Lujan Grisham projected to win reelection in New Mexico

ABC News can project that Democratic New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan will win reelection against former meteorologist Mark Ronchetti, the Republican nominee.

Nov 09, 12:14 AM EST
Abortion rights ballot measure projected to pass in Michigan

Michigan voters have responded to the ballot question: Should the right to abortion be protected in the state constitution?

ABC News can project that Proposition 3 will pass, enshrining the right to abortion in the Michigan constitution up until fetal viability (about 23-24 weeks). This measure will overturn the pre-Roe ban that’s currently being fought in the courts and protect against any future bans brought by Republicans.

Nov 09, 12:07 AM EST
Polls close in Hawaii

Polls only remain open in Alaska now for the next hour.

Nov 08, 11:42 PM EST
Abortion rights ballot measures projected to pass in California, Vermont

ABC News can project that California’s Proposition 1 — a ballot measure to enshrine the right to abortion within the California state constitution — will pass. That means the state constitution will be changed so that no future laws can deny or interfere with a person’s choice to have an abortion or use contraceptives.

Abortion rights will also be enshrined in Vermont’s state constitution, ABC News can project. The ballot measure, Proposal 5, will create a constitutional right to personal reproductive autonomy.

Nov 08, 11:25 PM EST
Budd projected to win NC Senate seat

ABC News can project that Republican Ted Budd will win the North Carolina Senate seat against Democrat Cheri Beasley.

Nov 08, 11:19 PM EST
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp projected to defeat Stacey Abrams

ABC News can project Gov. Brian Kemp will win reelection, the second time he would defeat Democrat Stacey Abrams for the state’s top position.

“Brian Kemp signed Joe Biden’s election victory in the state of Georgia and then he defied Donald Trump and told him flat no when Trump tried tried to put pressure on him to call a special session of the Georgia Legislature to overturn those results,” ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jon Karl said on ABC News Live.

“Donald Trump was so angry about that that he actually recruited a former Senator, David Perdue, to run against Brian Kemp in the Republican primary and Kemp just destroyed him, he beat him decisively, and Trump actually went to Georgia earlier this year during the primary and he said that Georgia would be better off if Stacey Abrams won,” Karl added.

Nov 08, 11:15 PM EST
Hochul projected to win reelection as New York governor

ABC News can project that Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul will win against GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin, becoming the first woman elected to the role in New York..

Nov 08, 11:05 PM EST
Polls close in 4 more states

Polls have now closed in California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Nov 08, 11:02 PM EST
Josh Shapiro projected to win Pennsylvania governor race

ABC News can project that Democrat Josh Shapiro will win against Republican challenger Doug Mastriano for Pennsylvania governor.

Nov 08, 11:24 PM EST
Vance projected to win Ohio Senate

ABC News can project that Republican J.D. Vance will win the Ohio Senate seat against Democratic challenger Tim Ryan.

Nov 08, 10:53 PM EST
Hassan projected to keep seat in New Hampshire Senate

ABC News can project that Democratic New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan will win against Republican challenger Don Bolduc.

“If you take a look at the exit polls, this was significant to moderate voters,” ABC News Live Prime anchor Linsey Davis said. “[Hassan] actually outperformed herself from the election in 2016. … This is obviously somebody who prides herself on being one of the most moderate senators that there is.”

Nov 08, 10:50 PM EST
Herschel Walker addresses supporters: ‘Just hang in there’

Coming out to “Bad to the Bone” Herschel Walker took the stage at his election night party as votes continue to be counted in Georgia.

“If you can hang in, hang in there a little bit longer, just hang in there a little bit longer. Because something good it takes a while for it get better. And it’s gonna get better. So I wanted to thank you guys for hanging in . If some of you have to go home. You can wake up tomorrow morning and see that the new senator from the great State of Georgia is Herschel Walker,” Walker said to cheers.

Walker acknowledged he was in a tight battle with Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock. Walker told supporters “we’re here to win this election.”

“I’m telling you right now. I’m like Ricky Bobby. I don’t come to lose,” Walker said, referring to a fictional race car driver. “And I told you he’s gonna be tough to beat. He’s gonna be tough to beat but let me tell you what. He got the wrong Georgian here don’t he.”

Nov 08, 10:55 PM EST
Grassley projected to win reelection to Senate

ABC News can project that Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, R, will win against Democratic challenger Michael Franken in his reelection bid, clinching an eighth term.

Nov 08, 10:33 PM EST
Gov. Abbott projected to keep seat against O’Rourke

ABC News can project that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will win against Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke in the race for governor.

Nov 08, 11:05 PM EST
Maura Healey’s message for LGBTQ community after historic win

Democrat Maura Healey, projected to win the gubernatorial race in Massachusetts, addressed the LGBTQ community in her acceptance speech.

“Tonight, I want to say something to every little girl and every young LGBTQ person out there,” Healey said. “I hope tonight shows you that you can be whatever, whoever you want to be.”

Healey, currently Massachusetts attorney general, will make history as the nation’s first openly lesbian governor.

“Nothing and no one can ever get in your way except your own imagination, and that’s not going to happen,” she said.

Nov 08, 10:26 PM EST
Biden starts making congratulatory calls

President Joe Biden has started calling some projected Democratic winners while watching results coming in, according to a White House official.

According to the White House, the president has made congratulatory calls to Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Maura Healey, Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee, Vermont Senate candidate Peter Welch, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, Delaware Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester, Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen, New York Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Virginia Reps. Abigail Spanberger and Jennifer Wexton, all of whom ABC News has projected to win their respective races.

Nov 08, 10:15 PM EST
Sen. John Kennedy projected to win reelection in Louisiana

ABC News can project that Republican John Kennedy will win a third term to the U.S. Senate. Kennedy faced a number of challengers, including Democrats Luke Mixon and Gary Chambers Jr.

In Louisiana, all candidates regardless of party affiliation compete in a first-round election, in which a candidate can win by receiving more than 50% of the vote.

Nov 08, 10:01 PM EST
Polls close in 4 more states

Polls have now closed in Montana, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Utah. Polls typically close at 8 p.m. statewide in Pennsylvania, though polling location hours were extended to 10 p.m. in Luzerne County after the county reported delays with voting due to paper shortages.

Nov 08, 9:59 PM EST
Gov. Noem projected to win again in South Dakota

ABC News can project that Republican Gov. Kristi Noem will win her bid for reelection in South Dakota against Democratic challenger Jamie Smith.

Nov 08, 9:48 PM EST
Bennet projected to win Colorado Senate race

ABC News can project that Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet will win Colorado’s Senate race against Republican nominee Joe O’Dea.

“This was a moderate Republican trying to win in a state that has become increasingly more Democratic,” ABC chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl said of O’Dea on ABC News Live.

O’Dea was “very critical” of former President Donald Trump, “and Donald Trump right back at him,” Karl said. “In fact, [Florida Gov.] Ron DeSantis endorsed Joe O’Dea just a few days ago and Trump criticized [DeSantis], saying it was a big mistake.”

Nov 08, 9:42 PM EST
Wes Moore projected to become Maryland’s first Black governor

ABC News can project that Democratic nominee Wes Moore will win Maryland’s gubernatorial race, which would make him the first Black person elected governor of Maryland.

Moore, an author and former nonprofit leader, is projected to defeat Republican Dan Cox, an election denier who was backed by former President Trump.

Nov 08, 9:41 PM EST
Incumbents projected to win in Colorado, Vermont governor races

ABC News can project that Democratic Colorado Gov. Jared Polis will win against Republican challenger Heidi Ganahl, and Republican Vermont Gov. Phil Scott will win against Democratic challenger Brenda Siegel, in their respective bids for reelection.

Nov 08, 9:41 PM EST
FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver says early results suggest good night for polling

FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver notes that early results are largely in line with what surveys had indicated, suggesting the polling industry may be in for a desperately needed reprieve after three consecutive cycles of results that were far off the mark.

Polls significantly underestimated Republicans’ support by varying degrees in 2016, 2018 and 2020. Yet early results Tuesday line up well with what polls had forecasted.

“We aren’t seeing too many crazy, out-of-bounds outcomes so far. There are a lot of uncertain races, and there’s a fair bit of regional variation, and Democrats clearly have a Florida problem. But nothing too wild yet,” Silver wrote in FiveThirtyEight’s blog.

Nov 08, 9:22 PM EST
DeSantis celebrates projected victory: ‘I have fought the good fight’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke to supporters on Tuesday night after he was projected to win reelection.

“Florida was a refuge of sanity when the world went mad,” DeSantis said. “We stood as a citadel of freedom for people across this country and indeed the world.”

DeSantis touted Florida’s policies on COVID-19, gender ideology and education as he made the case for himself as a Republican leader championing the party’s values.

DeSantis is widely seen as a potential contender for the GOP nomination in 2024, and he spent much of his victory speech Tuesday discussing national politics.

“While our country flounders due to failed leadership in Washington, Florida is on the right track,” he said, adding: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race in this first term and I have kept the faith.”

“We’ve accomplished more than anybody thought possible four years ago but we’ve got so much more to do and I have only begun to fight,” he concluded.

Nov 08, 9:15 PM EST
Female firsts projected in Arkansas, Massachusetts governor races

ABC News can project that Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders will win against Democratic challenger Chris Jones, electing her as the first female governor of Arkansas.

ABC News can also project that Democrat Maura Healey will win against Republican challenger Geoff Diehl to become the first woman and openly gay politician elected governor of Massachusetts.

Nov 08, 9:03 PM EST
Projections for Senate races in Kansas, New York, South Dakota

ABC News can project that in three Senate races, Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., will win against Democratic challenger Mark Holland; Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., will win against Republican challenger Joseph Pinion; and Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., will win against Democratic challenger Brian Bengs. All three projected winners are seeking reelection.

Nov 08, 9:01 PM EST
Sen. John Boozman projected to win reelection in Arkansas

ABC News can project Republican incumbent John Boozman will win reelection to a third term in Arkansas. Boozman is projected to defeat Democrat Natalie James, a small business owner and community organizer. James was the first Black woman to win a major party nomination for Senate in Arkansas.

Nov 08, 9:00 PM EST
Polls close in 15 more states

Polls have now closed in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Nov 08, 8:48 PM EST
Welch projected to win in Vermont

ABC News can project that Democratic U.S. Rep. Peter Welch will win against Republican challenger Gerald Malloy for Senate in Vermont.

Nov 08, 9:00 PM EST
Florida Democrat Maxwell Frost projected to become first Gen Z member of Congress

Democratic activist Maxwell Frost will win his bid in Florida’s 10th Congressional District and become the first Gen Z member of Congress, ABC News projects.

Frost, a progressive who defeated an establishment favored candidate in the primary, will defeat Republican Calvin Wimbish in the open seat vacated by Rep. Val Demings, the Democratic Senate nominee in Florida. Demings is projected to lose her challenge to Sen. Marco Rubio, R.

Frost turned 25 just this year and ran on policies like stricter gun legislation, “Medicare for All” and stronger action to combat climate change.

Karoline Leavitt, a Republican running in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District, would join Frost as another Gen Z lawmaker if she wins her challenge to incumbent Rep. Chris Pappas, D.

Nov 08, 8:51 PM EST
Republicans flip three House seats in Florida alone

ABC News projects that Republicans will flip three Democratic House seats in Florida alone, a big step toward netting the five seats needed to win the chamber.

Republican Anna Paulina Luna is projected to defeat Democrat Eric Lynn in the House seat that Democratic gubernatorial nominee Charlie Crist vacated. Crist is also projected to lose his challenge to Gov. Ron DeSantis, R.

Republican state Sen. Aaron Bean is projected to win over LaShonda Holloway in Florida’s 4th Congressional District. Incumbent Rep. Al Lawson, D, moved districts after redistricting.

Republican Army veteran Cory Mills is also projected to emerge victorious in Florida’s 7th Congressional District over Democrat Karen Green. The seat is currently held by retiring Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D.

“Florida has always been in our lifetimes the decisive swing state or at least one of a handful of decisive swing states, and now it’s Florida, Florida, Florida, Republican, Republican, Republican,” ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl said on ABC News Live.

Nov 08, 8:37 PM EST
Gov. McKee projected to keep seat in Rhode Island

ABC News can project that Democratic Rhode Island Gov. Daniel McKee will win against Republican challenger Ashley Kalus.

Nov 08, 8:33 PM EST
McMaster projected to keep South Carolina governor seat

ABC News can project that Republican South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster will win against Democratic challenger Joe Cunningham.

Nov 08, 8:32 PM EST
Polls now closed in 25 states

Arkansas is the latest state to close its polls, with polls now closed in 25 states plus D.C.

Nov 08, 8:31 PM EST
Katie Britt projected to be 1st woman elected to Senate from Alabama

ABC News can project that Republican Katie Britt will win the U.S. Senate race in Alabama. Britt will become Alabama’s first woman elected to the Senate.

The state’s previous female senators, Democrats Dixie Bibb Graves and Maryon Pittman Allen, had been appointed by the governors to fill a vacancy. Britt is projected to defeat Democrat Will Boyd and Libertarian John Sophocleus to fill the seat held by retiring Republican Sen. Richard Shelby.

Nov 08, 8:28 PM EST
Lee projected to keep Tennessee governor seat

ABC News can project that Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee will win against Democratic challenger Jason Martin.

Nov 08, 8:28 PM EST
These three races will determine balance of power in the Senate: Klein

Senate races in Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania will determine which party controls the chamber next year, according to ABC News Political Director Rick Klein.

Whoever wins the two of those three are probably going to win the whole Senate,” Klein said as the first race projections started to come in from across the country.

The best chance for Democrats to pick up a seat is in Pennsylvania, Klein said, where Democrat John Fetterman faces celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz.

“In Nevada, that’s probably going to be Republicans’ best chance,” Klein said. “They see Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto as the most vulnerable Democrat anywhere on the map.”

Nov 08, 8:18 PM EST
Beasley sees early lead in North Carolina Senate race

Considered the sleeper Senate race of the election cycle, Democratic candidate Cheri Beasley in North Carolina leads Republican candidate Ted Budd 58%-41%, with 36% of the expected vote reporting as of 7:45 p.m. ET.

In the heavily blue areas of the state, Mecklenburg County, which encompasses Charlotte, Beasley leads Budd 69.3%-29.1% with 50% of the expected vote reporting. For Wake County, which encompasses Raleigh, Beasley leads 68.2-30% with 54% of the expected vote reporting.

ABC News’ Hannah Demissie

Nov 08, 8:13 PM EST
Chris Sununu projected to win reelection in New Hampshire

ABC News can project that Republican Gov. Chris Sununu will win reelection in New Hampshire, defeating his Democratic challenger Tom Sherman.



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