Rebecca Young LIVE Show Notes – Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Last night on The Bachelor – it was a shocker for me because he told Kelsey he was falling for her but she was the one sent home (???) I was expecting Victoria to be sent home but I guess they like that drama. 

Contest – Cottontails – winners: Fred of Oxford and Rusty of Sylacauga (answer – in the fridge)

Crazy people look just like us!!! 

What’s the best opening line on a date YOU’VE ever heard? Here are some good ones. . . .

Yesterday – they ran the Daytona 500 which was postponed because of rain.  Denny Hamlin won but that’s not who made the news. . .

There’s a new service that will help you sue Robocallers for up to $3,000 every single time they harass you.

The Celebrity Tweet of the Day is #prayersforNewman.

Taylor Swift fans got a President’s Day surprise. The singer dropped the video for her “Lover” track “The Man” at midnight. The clip is a live performance of the tune taped in Paris.

Viral Video of the Day – they only had one job-to take down a building but it’s a viral fail.

Did you know that you need to wear a mask using potting mix?

Going out for a drink has never been more expensive. Know why?

Brad Pitt is trying to take some time to relax before figuring out his next move.

Billy Joel wants to add horses to his Long Island home but his neighbors aren’t too happy about it.