Rebecca Young LIVE Show Notes – Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Terrific Tuesday to you!!! So on The Bachelor last night, all 3 girls are still in after it’s normal drama. Why did Madison even sign up for this show with her high morals? We’ll see who’s still in next week. . .

Coming up, what age do people discover this? The correct answer wins tickets to Cottontails: winner: Tina of Sylacauga.

Scientists found breathable oxygen in another galaxy for the first time ever. 

According to a recent survey what is the most popular TV network? 

Yesterday on The Voice Nelson Cade got the first chair turn from John Legend almost as soon as he started!   And Nick gave some early coaching to Tate Brusa,  who chose Nick (and should have). Tod Gilham and Joanna Serenko also got all 4 chairs turned. Todd went with Blake and Joanna went with Nick. So each coach has 2 talents now, which is a huge start.

Your Good News story of the day (better get a kleenex!)

Celebrity Tweet of the Day 

Selena Gomez is giving fans a new take on the title track of her latest album “Rare.” The singer just dropped a live, acoustic version of the song, which was filmed at Los Angeles’ Village Studios.

Pete Davidson, says he’s ready to move on from SNL. Davidson said he’s outgrown the show and he doesn’t feel like the other cast members are on his team.

Some brides-to-be are quickly shopping around for a dress before stores run out. About 80-percent of all gowns are made in China but several factories remain closed amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Mayonnaise is coming in a new form. . . 

Tom Cruise’s “Mission: Impossible 7” is having trouble shooting in Italy. 

Kirk Douglas has continued his charitable efforts even after his passing.