Rebecca Young LIVE Show Notes – Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wacky Wonderful Wednesday to you!!!

Last night on The Voice I picked Tonesha – I knew she would get picked but I didn’t know she’d get all 4 chairs. Loved her story!

The International Toy Fair continues today in New York City.  This is where they try to decide what the hot Christmas toy will be (yes it’s just like in The Santa Claus!).

Families that fly together should sit together. That’s what a new online petition is calling for.

One woman is medially unique – she’s the only known living person to have it, although it’s possible other diabetics have this too.

Last night on the Late Late Show, BTS did Carpool Karaoke. 

Ticket scalpers in the UK have been sentenced to prison for buying and reselling tickets to Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift concerts. 

Coldplay has dropped another video for a track from their double album “Everyday Life.” The latest clip is for the song “Champion of the World.” 

We may not be hearing from The Chainsmokers for awhile. 

While most of the world is panicking over the Coronavirus, one MA company thinks it may have a vaccine. . . maybe. 

Lay’s and “The Voice” have teamed up to make watching the TV show even better. YOU could score a grand prize and see “The Voice” live.

The latest installment in the “Jurassic” franchise has a new name.  It’s set for release in July of next year. 

ABC wants to do a spinoff of The Bachelor. . .(Not sure I’m ready for that visual. . .)