A New Vision For Downtown

Situated squarely on Auburn’s most iconic street sits The Whatley Building. This brand-new addition to town is the brainchild of Auburn University alumnus, Steve Fleming, who brought this bold vision to life. Far from your average condo or crowded collegiate apartment dwelling, The Whatley instead boasts spacious, upscale residences that one would typically expect to find on y in a much larger city.

A life-long businessman with roots in banking and lending, Fleming confirms that it has always been his ultimate goal to eventually return and then retire to The Plains. Although he has returned, he confides that he has not quite retired and still keeps his hand in the lending business, albeit on a greatly reduced scale.

Fleming retained the top floor of the building for his own private residence, consciously curating the space with ease of entertaining being top of mind. The generous interior boasts tall ceilings, clean lines and provides the perfect backdrop for an impressive and eclectic art collection. High-end finishes abound throughout, lending a luxurious feel to the space as a whole.

And although Fleming’s personal aesthetic trends towards the modern, he explains that each unit is a custom creation, “Each unit in the building reflects that individual owner’s personal style — meaning that they select their own finishes (and other details) ensuring diversity within the complex itself. Many of the units are more modern in concept—while others tend towards the traditional in décor.”

When asked to describe his initial inspiration for the project, Fleming confirms that he wanted to lend a measure of diversity to downtown development by offering some- thing upscale and decidedly ‘adult’ in nature. As an added benefit all residents are easily within walking distance of a wide variety of eateries and other establishments, bringing to life the popular concept of: ‘live, work, play.’

This movement helped foster a strong sense of community and camaraderie, according to downtown business owner Tanya Fuller of Fabrik. As she expounds, “Being invested in downtown means developing friendships throughout the community, especially with people who have the same passion and love for Auburn. The most rewarding part of owning my store has been meeting others from all backgrounds such as Steve Fleming. From cheering on each other’s success in business to celebrating Auburn Tiger victories, Steve and I have become lifelong friends. And it is connections like these that have spurred me to truly love and appreciate this place I am blessed to call home.”

Real Estate professional Sallie Deen of Berkshire Hathaway represents the property and adds, “While sales have been strong, we do have some spaces available. It is not too late to claim a piece of this amazing property, although space is limited.”

So, whether you are ‘in the market’ or simply want to remain ‘in the know,’ The Whatley Building is a sight to behold!