Although your business, product, or service may be physically in one location, the RadioAlabama family can help spread your message across multiple touchpoints with our powerful combination of traditional and non-traditional media.

Remember, the higher the frequency of your message, the more likely someone will remember you when they need the types of products or services you and competitors provide. It’s all about creating repetition for the end-user to recall your product or service.

Here are just a few unique ways we work closely with our clients to achieve ultimate success:

  • On-air radio ad campaigns
  • Digital advertising (targeted display, geofencing, OTT/CTV etc.)
  • Live & local radio
  • Advertising in our East Alabama Living and East Alabama Weddings publications
  • Public affairs programming
  • Live on-site broadcasts at events or place of business
  • Unique local high school sports engagement
  • Custom promotions and contests
  • News, weather, and sports updates
  • Social media integration and amplification
  • Text messaging and email campaigns
  • Community and charity promotion and support
  • Exclusive programming sponsorships
  • Talent endorsements

Creative Services

Like any advertising medium, there’s a “right” way to do radio and a “wrong” way.  The right way is to craft commercials that motivate listeners to take action. The wrong way is to let a clever idea hijack the process and sacrifice results for creativity.

RadioAlabama uses a time-tested, proven process to write and produce ads. Each idea we present can grab the listener’s attention, present the most compelling benefit(s), make an irresistible offer, and then rally the consumer with a call to action. That may sound like a strict recipe for boring radio commercials, and it’s true that our ads are more likely to deliver substance than flash. But for all the bells and whistles and crazy sound effects you could cram into a radio ad, the only sound that truly matters is the ringing of the cash register.


Digital Media

RA Digital is RadioAlabama’s premiere digital advertising brand specializing in all-things online and interactive on smartphones, tablets, desktops, apps, and more.

Many people think “digital advertising” means using social media to let their ‘fans’ or ‘followers’ know about their product or service. While social media may indeed be a form of digital advertising, it is not nearly the most effective way, the only way, or even the most affordable way to reach customers or potential clients.

RA Digital’s team of certified experts can ensure that your messages are seen by people actively searching for the products or services you offer or in geographic proximity to your locations. You can focus on people who know about your business and introduce your business to prospective new customers. With robust reporting and data analysis, an affordable digital campaign with RA Digital is just the first step in maximizing your reach. You can also attract potential employees by targeting employment ads.

Here are just a few ways RA Digital can deliver your message with helpful tactics:

  • Targeted display (displaying static or animated ads to specific audiences based on demographics or behavior on websites and/or apps)
  • Geofencing (virtual boundary or zone created around a physical location)
  • Geotargeting (delivering content or ads to users based on their location)
  • Site retargeting (displaying ads to users who previously visited a website)
  • OTT (over-the-top; streaming TV content via internet rather than traditional broadcast methods including pre, mid, and post-roll on website videos)
  • CTV (connected television; television delivered through internet-connected devices rather than traditional methods such as Sling, Pluto, Tubi, etc.)
  • Banner ads (ads on RadioAlabama owned-and-operated websites)

Advertise any of our station websites to continue pushing top-of-mind awareness. Online ads are visual and clickable by your targeted demographic, and results are measured two ways:

  • Impressions (the number of times the ad was displayed on the screen of a visitor to the site)
  • Click-throughs (impressions that resulted in someone clicking on the ad to go to a linked web page for more information)

Streaming audio sponsorship

Sponsor any of the RadioAlabama/Auburn Network stations “Listen Live Experience” feature or mobile apps for maximum online exposure. Promotional announcements on our website, on-the-air, and inside the streaming players could name your business as the exclusive sponsor. Daily repetition with repeat/at-work listeners who tune in every day from work, on-the-road, with a laptop, on on their mobile devices give you more opportunities to promote your brand.


Published by Auburn Networks LLC, East Alabama Living is the area’s only upscale lifestyle magazine, reaching an affluent and educated audience in East Alabama since 2004 – publishing five issues per year, including The Wedding Issue. East Alabama Living reaches its audience in two ways: through our subscriber mailing list, and our VIP distribution to over 100+ key locations in the East Alabama region, including boutiques, retail stores, grocery stores, banks, hotels, restaurants, and various medical/dental offices.

Along with breathtaking photography and brilliant design, East Alabama Living provides exceptional editorial coverage unlike any other publication in our area. Take comfort in knowing that your advertising message is surrounded by first-class editorial content with well-written articles that are interesting, entertaining, enlightening, and compelling.

Distribution and Readership

Complimentary copies of East Alabama Living magazine are available at 100+ strategic distribution points within the Auburn, Opelika, and East Alabama area as well as via subscription. Readership of East Alabama Living is 20,000+ and the distribution network is the key to delivering your message in an effective manner. Residents and consumers will receive your message wrapped in a beautiful magazine by subscription right to their home or office, or by picking one up at over 100 targeted locations.

Promotions and Events

Your company’s brand is not just a logo or a jingle. Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence, and some you can’t.

A great opportunity to influence brand perception is a strong promotion or event sponsorship. You can utilize promotions to:

  • Drive traffic
  • Generate short-term incremental sales
  • Enhance brand awareness and recognition
  • Create community goodwill
  • Create employee buy in and ownership of the brand
  • Gain market share from competitors
  • You can be part of various RadioAlabama promotions and events.

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