Auburn City Schools Continues Finding Success

A well documented reason that the local community continues to thrive is due to the success found throughout the Auburn City Schools system. Dan Chesser, Auburn City Schools Public Relations Specialist, joined Auburn/Opelika This Morning to provide an update on some of the current happenings around Auburn’s schools system.

Wrights Mill Road Elementary and Creekside Elementary were recognized by Attorney General Steve Marshall’s office because of the schools’ high marks in outstanding preparation of their safety plans and building a culture of school safety. Chesser said, “It was just affirmation that what we’re doing in the realm of safety is the right thing and we are always staying ahead of the curve.”

The construction of a new gymnasium at East Samford School is now under way. Chesser gave an update on the seventh grade school saying, “We’re looking at putting a new gymnasium on that campus and working with some of the other buildings to make it fit our needs for what we need their with our seventh grade population.”

In the interview with Chesser, he also gave information on the upcoming window for registration for the 2020-2021 academic year that will being in the coming weeks, as well as mentioning the 13 teachers that were awarded as teachers of the year. One teacher at each of the Auburn City Schools campuses were awarded with the honor.

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