Auburn Pitcher Cody Greenhill on 2021 College Baseball Season

Auburn Baseball’s #20, Cody Greenhill, a senior from Russellville, Alabama, shares his thoughts on the 2021 college baseball season.

The right-handed pitcher appeared in the rotation as a starter for the 2021 season. In his first three seasons, Greenhill was a closer for the Tigers. The transition from veteran closer to starting pitcher did not happen overnight.

“In the fall I had to establish a routine, I had to get used to going hard on that one day, that Friday,” he said. “I had to transition my whole workout routine of what I’m doing each day, how much I’m eating, how much I’m drinking, and my sleep schedule. I worked this past fall to get that routine set to where my body was used to it. I really bought into that. I give credit to Anthony Sandersen our athletic trainer for helping me with my arm care and Chris Joyner our strength coach for helping me develop a plan.”

Auburn’s 2021 season ended in Hoover, Alabama at the SEC Tournament in a 7-4 loss to Ole Miss.

“We didn’t have the season that we thought we were going to come back and have, and that’s just a part of baseball and a part of life in general,” he said. “The thing that stands out to me is how we all stayed together as a group. When it got hard and our backs were against the wall, we pushed through it.”

MLB veteran and Auburn Baseball legend Tim Hudson returned for his second season as Auburn’s pitching coach. “He’s awesome, he’s just like one of the guys,” Greenhill said. “You think he’s going to show up and be all big league, but he’s not. He’s the nicest person you’ll ever meet, most down-to-earth guy.”

Greenhill went on to say that Hudson helped him on the mental side of pitching. Hudson taught him “how to attack a hitter, what pitches to throw in certain counts, and how to read a batter as the game is going on,” Greenhill said.

Greenhill says he is preparing for the 2021 MLB draft that begins on Sunday, July 11 by continuing to throw live pitches, work out and watch his diet. “I know God’s got a plan for me and it’s already written. I’m going to end up where I’m supposed to end up,” he said. “I can’t thank the fans enough for all they did for us and all of the support this year. I know we didn’t have the season we wanted, but I just want to thank them for sticking with us.”

Greenhill enters the MLB Draft with a 2.78 career ERA at Auburn.