Auburn Police to address non-compliance of Safer at Home regulations

AUBURN, Ala.- The Auburn Police Division will begin taking a more proactive approach to enforce the statewide Safer at Home Health Order following an increase in a lack of compliance in the community.

Over the last several months, the City of Auburn’s Public Safety Department has primarily focused on educating the community and spreading awareness about the requirements set forth in the Safer at Home Order. Within the last week, the department has received numerous complaints, and staff has observed a lack of compliance of the statewide Safer at Home Health Order. From here forward, Auburn Police will take a more proactive approach including but not limited to issuing uniformed non-traffic citations resulting in fines for those in violation.

Patrons and business owners are reminded that:

  • All businesses, government offices or other establishments open to the public should take all reasonable steps to protect their customers, constituents or guests by encouraging face coverings and maintaining six feet between individuals. (Section 6 of the order)
  • All non-work-related gatherings of any size that cannot maintain a consistent six-foot distance between people from different households are prohibited. (Section 4 of the order)
  • Bars and nightclubs should ensure that crowd size is capable of ensuring six feet between all patrons whether seated, playing games or otherwise. (Section 19 of the order)
  • All individuals should wear a mask if they are within six feet of another person not from the same household. (Section 2 of the order)

“As always, many of our citizens serve as an example in this effort,” said Public Safety Director Paul Register. “It is our desire that others will comply and help keep enforcement actions to a minimum. We greatly appreciate the public’s cooperation as we work together to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 in our community.”