Congressman Mo Brooks Joins Congressman Barry Moore to Challenge Socialists’ Iowa Election Theft Scheme

Washington, DC— Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) joined several Alabama elected officials in sending a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi decrying the Socialists’ efforts to steal yet another election— this time from Iowa Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks, the Republican winner in Iowa’s Second Congressional District.

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Congressman Brooks said, “Seemingly emboldened by their successful 2020 election theft efforts, all done under cover from and supported by the Fake News Media, House Speaker Pelosi and power hungry Socialist Democrats are openly seeking to steal Iowa’s Second District Congressional seat from Iowa voters and duly elected Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks. Miller-Meeks had more votes than her opponent after the initial count and after every recount. Iowa certified Miller-Meeks as the duly elected 2nd District Congresswoman. Miller-Meeks was sworn in and seated as a Member of the 117th Congress on January 3. Rarely are Socialists so blatant in their election theft.”

Brooks continued, “It is abundantly clear that Nancy Pelosi and Socialist Democrats are hell-bent on undermining American election integrity if it helps satisfy their craven lust for political power. This must be stopped. American voters deserve to know that when they go to the polls, their vote counts. For our republic to continue to be the greatest in the world, American voters must have confidence in our elections.”

Brooks concluded, “It’s shameful that Pelosi seeks to remove the duly elected winner of Iowa’s 2nd Congressional election from office to replace her with the runner up merely because it increases Pelosi’s power within the House of Representatives. The United States is not Cuba, Communist China, the old Soviet Union, or North Korea, countries where sham elections are held but the outcome is predetermined. Every elected official must stand up against Pelosi’s actions that threaten the fabric of our great republic.”

Text of the letter to Nancy Pelosi follows:


The Honorable Nancy Pelosi


U.S. House of Representatives

H232 United States Capitol Building

Washington, D.C. 20515


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

Over the last several months, those of us in Congress and in State Governments have repeatedly expressed our dedication to ensuring that elections in the United States are free, fair, and accurate. We owe the American people nothing less. For this reason, we the undersigned, write to encourage you to uphold the certified election results of Iowa’s Second Congressional District.

As you well know, Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks was declared the winner of the Second District’s 2020 Congressional Election by a narrow six-vote margin. This was only after a thorough recount and the certification of the election results by the State of Iowa. Under your leadership, Congresswoman Miller-Meeks was then rightfully sworn in as a Member of the House of Representatives on January 3, 2021.

Unable to accept the certified election results, Congresswoman Miller-Meeks’ former opponent is now attempting to bypass the Court and use the Committee on House Administration to overturn these election results. These actions are troubling, and your recent remarks stating that there could be a scenario where you would remove Congresswoman Miller-Meeks have only added to our concern.

The votes of Iowa’s Second Congressional District were counted, recounted, and certified. As elected officials in the great state of Alabama, sworn to uphold the law and ensure the security of our elections, we believe that removing a sitting Congresswoman and replacing her through a purely political process would create a dangerous precedent with disastrous long-term results. Congresswoman Miller-Meeks’ former opponent is merely presenting her grievances to Congress because she believes a partisan review of her case will end in her favor, even though this result would be inaccurate and unfair to the voters in her district.

We have a responsibility to ensure the integrity of our election process, but if we allow a certified election – with no valid allegations of fraud or wrongdoing – to be overturned, how will the voters in Iowa or the rest of the country ever have confidence in our elections again? We urge you to take this into consideration when addressing this matter, and we ask that you do not rob Congresswoman Miller-Meeks of her hard-earned opportunity to serve the people of Iowa’s Second Congressional District.




Barry Moore

Member of Congress


Mo Brooks

Member of Congress


Jerry Carl

Member of Congress


Gary Palmer

Member of Congress


John Merrill

Alabama Secretary of State